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O'Reilly Shifts From Wright to Ayers Promising A Serious Investigation

Reported by Deborah - May 12, 2008 -

American voters should all be grateful that Bill O'Reilly has vowed to uncover the real truth about Barack Obama's ties to Bill Ayers. He assured viewers tonight that he has people in Chicago working tirelessly to get the truth about Obama. Sandy Rios was there to offer an exciting breakthrough in the story that voters don't care about and also, John Kass, Chicago Tribune, who BOR outed as a member of his investigative team.

First we took a little time trip back to an interview between Connie Chung, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn. Everybody knows the particular video with them saying they didn't do enough in the Underground. (Even Bill's most ardent believers had heard it so often, they got up for a quick kitchen run)

Bill, all serious, asked Sandy Rios what we really know about the Obama/Ayers connection. Rios acting like this was new and incriminating information said Obama and Ayers were directors of the Woods Foundation adding that they were both Directors at the same time.

Hopefully Sandy is merely unfamiliar with foundations and not trying to make this hum-drum association sound ominous. They were not Directors at the same time. They were on the Board of Directors which from year to year has many people involved who usually know very little about each other and only meet monthly, at most, for an hour or two.

What about that Woods Foundation? O'Reilly somehow makes it sound so strange and edgy. It's called the Woods Fund of Chicago and seems to do some wonderful things for the urban communities. (Why isn't O'Reilly investigating their work and accomplishments?)

But wait! Rios had more breakthroughs reminding BOR that Ayers was photographed stepping on a crumpled flag and Obama doesn't wear a flag pin. ( Is she telling us that Obama is involved with a flag hating cult?) Then she revealed the real shocker, Saul Alinsky and "agitating". Woods Foundation, she proclaimed paid $20,000 to get Obama to Chicago to learn "agitating" from Saul Alinsky.

The main problem with that theory from Sandy Rios is that Alinsky died in 1972 when Obama was 11. I guess either Obama is a prodigy or Rios is lying.

Kass had a different take using his Chicago street lingo which confused BOR at first. Kass said Obama needed his " ticket punched" by Ayers and Wright to get his " far left bonafides." He claimed the real story was with Mayor Daly's office where there is a group determined to make Obama the next president.

O'Reilly didn't want to go there. He was willing to wait for the good stuff. Yes, we'll all be waiting because he sure didn't offer us anything tonight. In fact Bill, using your new fav word, you got bubkes on Obama.