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Bush Cries, Too

Reported by Donna - May 12, 2008 -

Remember when Hillary cried and they made such a big deal about it? Well, Fox and Friends said that President Bush cried several times at his daughter's wedding and no big deal there.

I can understand someone crying at their daugter's wedding, but they didn't say that Laura Bush cried. Is this where the focus should be? The mother of the bride not crying at her daughter's wedding?

The Fox and Friends crew said that popular presidents tended to have children who had unsuccessful marriages while popular presidents had children who had successful marriages.

Now this is what got me. Fox and Friends said that Bush was a highly popular president (what?) until recently, so this could go either way.

Comment: When was Bush ever highly popular? (Comment: For a little while after 9/11 which we found out he botched up completely?) If it holds true that popular president's children have successul marriages, sounds like Jenna will have a good one.