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O'Reilly lectures "race baiters," ultimate pot calling kettle joke

Reported by Chrish - May 10, 2008 -

Race is going to be a big Factor in the presidential election (assuming as he is that Senator Obama has the nomination locked up), especially if Bill O'Reilly has anything to say about it. His Talking Points Memos of May 7th and May 9th hit all the high points (or low points) of his syndicated column and he warns that race is an inevitable topic of discussion. Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a professor at temple University, graced the Factor again last night 5/9 and argued mightily with O'Reilly's premises and conclusions.
With video.

O'Reilly's over-arching themes are that Barack Obama getting 90% of the black vote can be construed as racially motivated; Hillary Clinton's remarks that she got 60% of the white working class vote and Bill Clinton's conflating Obama's win with Jesse Jackson's are not racial in nature, just the facts, ma'am; and if Obama does not get the nomination because of super-delegates going for Clinton there will be hell to pay in Denver.

O'Reilly says Obama has two problems: militant black pinheads like Wright, and now Derek Wilson, keep "popping up." (It helps that the Google presents these names to O'Reilly's staff and voila! they pop up on national teevee.) He scolds that a local paper printed the "lunacy," "that smear," but that doesn't stop him from echoing the local story and making it national. He even admits "every time stuff like that gets exposure, racial animus comes back."

Second, Obama needs to convince voters that he (and wife Michelle) are sympathetic to their concerns. Or as Dick Morris put it Wednesday "The determinant in the election will be if we believe that Barack Obama is what he appears to be, or is he somebody who's sort of a sleeper agent who really doesn't believe in our system and is more aligned with Wright's views."

Is Obama really a radical black separatist America-hater? O'Reilly and his fellow hate-radio talkers have planted that seed and will tend it all summer.

Incredibly, O'Reilly points fingers at the "loons" on the left and says that Talking Points is tired of it, and will challenge it.

Dr. Hill said O'Reilly was going wrong "everywhere." Eugene Robinson, whom O'Reilly had again singled out, was correct to criticize Clinton's comments; she's playing to white anxieties. Her use of that data, he said, is prescriptive rather than descriptive, and she's using it to convince super-delegates that Obama is ultimately unelectable without that demographic. O'Reilly dragged in Bill Clinton's Jesse Jackson comparison, deeming it merely historic reference, but Hill insisted "text without context is pretext," and the Clintons deliberately racialized Obama's candidacy. Doing his best Stephen Colbert imitation, O'Reilly shrugged and asked "who sees Obama as a black candidate?"

It's surreal to hear O'Reilly do defense for the Clintons (although he noted he's "not a big supporter") as Hill argued that Clinton is harming the party; she can't win and she's turning white Democrats against Barack Obama. O'Reilly protested that there's not one white voter in America that Clinton could alienate from Obama - not one.

O'Reilly and his ilk will play on the white voters who are on the fence: liking Obama and what he represents,and wanting to avoid four more years of Bush Doctrine under McCain, but uneasy of aligning themselves with black America because of the scary caricature of Jeremiah Wright painted by the very same right-wing media. They'll further this confusion and doubt until November to keep "their guys" in power, America be damned.