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Fox, Where Fact Is Fiction

Reported by Priscilla - May 10, 2008 -

When reality isn’t part of the right wing’s worldview, their media outlets create their own version of an alternate reality. When this happens, Fox News merrily goes along with whatever is the “rage” in the right wing media realm. This partisan type of “journalism” was shown in the report done by Insight Magazine (controlled by Rev. Moon) of Barack Obama, as a child, having attended a terrorist training Madrassa in Indonesia. After the publication of this bogus story, right wing media was all over it and Fox News was happy to spread the smear with a segment on Fox&Friends. Sourcing and fact checking are never a problem for the terrible morning trio who, at another time, sourced bogus details about a real anti-Islamic incident, at a Maine high school, from a satire magazine similar to “The Onion.” So, it comes as no surprise that Fox got caught, once again, using a story from a right wing source, that turns out to be factually incorrect.

On Thursday night’s Special Report “Grapevine,” Bret Baier led off with a segment about a statement, made by Al Gore, regarding the environmental ramifications of the recent cyclone in Myanmar. The graphic, on Al Gore’s picture, read “Hot Air.” Baier then said that “former Vice President Al Gore says global warming is to blame for the Myanmar cyclone. In an interview with National Public Radio, Gore called the storm one of the "consequences that scientists have long predicted might be associated with global warming." Baier went on to cite several scientists who disagreed with Gore, including Willie Soon whose work has been paid for, in part, by the American Petroleum Institute.

It seems that Fox sourced this report from Brent Bozell’s Business and Media Institute who spliced and doctored the Gore interview with the result being that Gore was quoted for something that he didn’t say. On his interview with NPR, Gore said this: “The year before, the strongest cyclone in more than 50 years hit China – and we’re seeing consequences that scientists have long predicted might be associated with continued global warming.” He also said that “any individual storm can’t be linked singularly to global warming – we’ve always had hurricanes.” What Gore said and how it was doctored is contained here.

But just like with the Obama/Madrassa story, the right wing soon was all abuzz, with Fox dutifully picking up the story in order to continue its anti-global warming and anti-Al Gore meme. Think Progress has a video of (surprise, surprise) the little morning pals doing a “report” on the topic.

Comment: Fox’s faith in its right wing sources is quite misplaced; as these entities, like Fox, don’t need no “stinking” facts that contradict their version of reality and their attempts to smear those who deal in such facts. Besides, John McCain’s preacher pal, Reverend John Hagee, says that devastating storms are caused by sin and those gays who also, according to another famous preacher beloved by the right wing, caused 9-11. It’s clear that somebody needs a fact checker; but facts are irrelevant at Fox where “fact is fiction and TV reality.”