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FOX Campaigns for McCain with Body Language Analysis

Reported by Deborah - May 9, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly's body language maven, Tonya Reiman, visited Fox Election HQ this afternoon to analyze John McCain's non verbal messages during his interview with O'Reilly last night. Bill Hemmer presented three clips and Reiman managed to spin her analysis to make McCain look good even though his body language might have suggested otherwise.

All of the clips covered by Reiman were explored in Chrish's post about the interview. It's quite fascinating to first read the post and then compare it to Reiman's spin.

The first clip presented to Reiman was McCain laughing with almost nervous hysteria at the notion that he told people that he didn't vote for Bush in 2000 which was reported on The Huffington Post. Reiman thought he was very relaxed and animated adding that he was "hunched over" which was another good sign for some reason. She assured Hemmer that McCain's smile was genuine but last week she told O'Reilly that Hillary Clinton's smile during her interview was phony.

Her take on the part where McCain distances himself from John Hagee is the most interesting. She noted that McCain's eye blinking increased to 92 per minute while the norm is 40. However, she insisted that he was just uncomfortable and didn't want to answer the question. (There was no suggestion that the extreme reaction might have another meaning like maybe he wasn't telling the truth)

The third clip was McCain discussing criticizing Barack Obama . Reiman raved about McCain's movements claiming he was positive noting that his shoulders were up and he was less agitated. ( So he looked great because he wasn't slouching and he was " less agitated"?)

So if any FOX viewer had doubts about McCain's qualifications after the interview, Tanya Reiman's endorsement should make them feel better. Why trust your own perception when you have FOX to tell you what really happened.