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Dick Morris Baselessly Accuses Barack Obama Of Wanting To Provide Taxpayer-Funded Health Insurance To Illegal Immigrants

Reported by Ellen - May 9, 2008 -

Dick Morris, the Republican politico who once insisted that Hurricane Katrina would turn out to be "a huge positive" for President Bush, was back on Hannity & Colmes with another crackpot theory last night (5/8/08). After helping Sean Hannity attack Hillary Clinton over her remarks about having the support of white people, Morris went on to announce that John McCain will win the election because Barack Obama intends to provide taxpayer-funded health insurance to illegal immigrants. With video.

Sean Hannity, who regularly gave radio airtime to white supremacist Hal Turner, developed a sudden sensitivity to the feelings of African Americans now that he could blame Hillary Clinton for insulting them. “This is getting bad, as it relates to race and the Democratic Party,” Hannity said.

Clinton-hating Morris jumped on Hillary's remarks as “an overtly racist appeal.” He added, “She so far has been subliminally racist but here she's absolutely coming right out and saying it.”

Sensitive Hannity said, “I hate the charge, 'cause I think we're very quick in this society to throw that word, 'racist,' around at anybody here.” What he really meant is that we're too quick to throw the word at a white person. Hannity is never reluctant to accuse black people of being racist. Nor has he minded when a guest urged white people not to be afraid to voice their racist thoughts about black people.

“The reason that I would say racist,” Morris said, “Let me be more precise. (Clinton) is using race to win the election. She is using the identification of whites, vis a vis blacks, to polarize the society racially and win the election.”

Now Hannity was concerned about racial divisiveness in general. “It's sad for the country to, you know – I know a lot of people that have brought up the Rev. Wright issue. You know, even Howard Dean said on FOX News Sunday this Sunday, he said, 'Wow, this is race baiting.' And I find that offensive. It's a legitimate issue.”

In reality, Hannity has played the race card against Obama for more than a year. Long before FOX News viewers saw Rev. Jeremiah Wright talking about chickens coming home to roost, Hannity was obsessively attacking him for being a black separatist. Long after Obama denounced Louis Farrakhan, Hannity was disingenuously trying to link the two and insinuate that Obama shared Farrakhan's views.

Morris said that Clinton staying in the race is “like a hunting license” that helps her chances in 2012. “As long as she's running, she can shoot Obama. Once she gets out of the race, she has to say good things about Obama. But she's got 30 days more to bash him and to set up this racial polarization that she is in this quote that might make it impossible for him to win.”

Then Morris and Hannity moved on to the issue that Morris gloated would cause Obama to lose against John McCain. Morris said, “Barack Obama says that he wants to cover all uninsured Americans (Morris made quotation marks with his fingers as he said the word “Americans”). And by that he means 45-50 million uninsured Americans. That statistic, that group, is about one-fifth, about 10 or 12 million, are illegal immigrants. And the issue that I think can decide this election is should we have taxpayer-funded health insurance for illegal immigrants? Not children only, adults and children.”

Morris cited as proof, "(Obama's) statistic, 45-50 million, includes 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants.” Actually, according to the US Census Bureau (page 21), it includes about 9 million non-citizens. I could not find any information about how many of those were illegal non-citizens.

“Illegal immigrants are not Americans,” Colmes said. “I don't read into that that he's going to give health care to illegal immigrants.”

“He's using the statistic that includes those people,” Morris said, as if that proved his case.

Morris also asserted, “The real point here is that Obama's position, basically, is we are going to have to ration health care for the elderly to hold down costs in order to subsidize it for illegal immigrants who will increase the utilization. And I believe that that is the issue that will decide the election.”

I found nothing in Obama's health care plan about rationing health care and there is absolutely nothing in it or his immigration plan to indicate he plans to subsidize health care costs for illegal immigrants.