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Studio B Says John McCain in Money Crunch -Gives McCain Another Commercial.

Reported by Donna - May 8, 2008 -

While Studio B bragged that John McCain raised 9 million in 2 days for his campaign, it pales as far as what Barack Obama has raised.

But they still said that McCain was so far back behind Obama, it served as a commercial for John McCain. They've run many of these so called 'commercials' for McCain in the past few weeks.

They said that McCain went for the big money while Obama went after the $50 and $75 donations where you could give and give. (Comment: They even told McCain how to raise the money)

They barely mentioned Hillary, saying she was in debt.

So, does this make you want to give money to the 'poor' McCain campaign?

Comment: The segments are meant to fire up the base to send money to McCain, saying how much money Obama has. I don't think their strategy will work. Obama has his campaign donations running like a well oiled machine.

And when it gets down to the nitty gritty (when there's one against one) you'll see the money start to flow and the real race begin.