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Limbaugh's Operation Democracy Disruption promoted on FOX

Reported by Chrish - May 8, 2008 -

On FOX and Friends First this morning 5/8/08 Steve Doocy didn't just report that Limbaugh was spearheading a campaign to distort Democratic primary election results, he informed viewers of a change in orders from the radio star, repeating them to be clear.
With video.

Saying Limbaugh had been successful and speculating that dittoheads swung the Indiana election, Doocy declared Rush is "releasing his delegates" and now asking them to vote for Obama to ensure he gets the nomination, because he's a weaker candidate against John McCain. Alisyn Camerota immediately paraphrased and repeated the change in marching orders.

Obama's camp disagreed, of course, and reminded Limbaugh, who says blue-collar and middle class voters don't support Obama (pushing the "elitist" meme) that Obama has union support. Obama's camp believes the ploy gave Clinton as much as 7% of the Indiana vote, and John Kerry also thinks it's had an impact - and he doesn't like it.

Doocy repeated, for the third time now, the new decree from Limbaugh, because Clinton is expected to do very well in the upcoming primaries in KY and WV.

When DailyKos' Markos Moulitsas suggested Democrats cross over and and vote for Mitt Romney in Michigan (back in January) FOXNews.com called it "a classic dirty trick" and a "Machiavellian political ploy." An indignant emailer asked Michelle Malkin "Is this legal? Are there penalties for screwing with an election, particularly to make it more ‘hilarious?’” Now that the right-wing is doing it, it's not just not despicable, it warrants repetition and promotion.