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FOX diverts from McCain's obscenity

Reported by Chrish - May 8, 2008 -

FOX goes to great lengths, some very subtle, to protect and promote the Republican candidate. This FOXNews.com headline is a good example:

"McCain Ambushed With Obscene Question at Town Hall Event"

The twisted grammar implies the question was somehow off-color, putting the asker of the "obscene question" on defense and making McCain a victim. To be fair and accurate it should read "obscenity question" or, as the hyperlink does, "obscene word question." Additionally, the use of the word "ambush" implies an attack, which on The Factor is called "tough questioning." In reality, as the article says, he asked if McCain had ever used a specific obscene term in regards to his wife Cindy.

FYI, McCain never answered the question. He moved to the next person, declaring some people in the audience didn't respect that language, denying them the right to know if he himself used it, and towards his own wife.

And perhaps most important to know: Secret Service agents escorted the man out of the building.

Imagine what a "character issue" this would be if it was Barack Obama using that kind of gutter language at Michelle!