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Michelle Malkin Calls Michelle Obama The "Bitter Half, Queen Of The Grievance Mongers."

Reported by Donna - May 7, 2008 -

On Fox and Friends today, Gretchen said that Malkin said that Barack's wife was his bitter half, Queen of the Grievance Mongers.

Malkin always uses her shock titles to catch peoples attention. She brought up the fact that Michelle Obama had said that she wasn't proud of her country until her husband started to run. She didn't say that Obama said she had misspoke. Kilmede was in the background saying, "yeah, yeah." Malkin said she was bitter and miserable and makes her the biggest liability to Barack Obama. Malkin went on to say that on the Today show Michelle Obama went on and on saying how proud she was of her husband when she should be saying how proud she was of her country. She said she embarrased Barack (Comment: I doubt this).

She went on to say that this "millionairess" (barely) would just go on complaining that she can't pay for her ballet or piano lessons.

Malkin also said last night was a loss for Hillary.

She even hit on John McCain saying he didn't have the spine to come out against them for the Wright deal. She said McCain said it was no big deal.

Comment: Michele Malkin, Fox News Analyst, trying to see if she can be the Queen of Mean.