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“Great American” Hannity Delighted Over Limbaugh's Possible Interference in Primary

Reported by Ellen - May 7, 2008 -

Self-styled “Great American” Sean Hannity cared not a fig that conservative Rush Limbaugh may have maliciously interfered with that greatest of American institutions, voting, for the purpose of partisan mischief. While Hannity never tires of accusing Democrats of undermining America, he was tickled pink that Limbaugh may have at least partly undermined the Democratic primary in Indiana. With video.

During a special after midnight edition of Hannity & Colmes this morning (5/7/08), Hannity was full of bullyboy glee as he looked into the camera and said, “Our good friend, Rush Limbaugh, has instituted Operation Chaos. When you look at the numbers tonight, all Republicans that got involved, 53-45 went to Hillary.” With an extra smirk, he continued, “Can a case be made that without Rush Limbaugh's and pushing of Operation Chaos that this wouldn't have happened tonight?”

Pollster Frank Luntz didn't think so. Alan Colmes asked, “If Operation Chaos were working, wouldn't there be more votes for Hillary?”

“That's the point,” Hannity said. “She got, she wouldn't have pulled it without – without his votes, she wouldn't have made it.”

Of course, the evidence that Limbaugh made a difference is pretty darned skimpy. But if he did, it's not just a blow to the democratic process, but possible voter fraud. And just as when another of Hannity's “patriotic” friends, Ann "Boombox" Coulter, was under suspicion for the same crime (albeit for different reasons), Hannity was not the least bit concerned.