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Doocy Says "So Many Democrats" Say They Will Vote For McCain If Hillary Doesn't Make It

Reported by Donna - May 7, 2008 -

On Fox and Friends today they had Mitt Romney on, a frequent guest who comes on to declare the Republican talking points.

Doocy got excited and asked the "a lot of Democrats say" question.

Mitt Romney said that the Democrats are "bitterly divided" and the Republicans have come together with John McCain. He said that Hillary and Barack had the same economic plan and it's not a good plan to bring this economy back. He added that John McCain was in a good place. (Comment: Republican talking point)

Doocy spoke about "working class whites" aren't going over to Obama's corner. Mitt Romney said this is because people see Obama as a liberal elitist which makes it difficult for Obama. (Comment: Another Republican talking point)

They talked about the gas tax cut that McCain is proposing and Romney said this is because McCain cares so much about the American people, he wants to help them in the short time. (Comment: And yet another Republican talking point)

Then Doocy said his often repeated phrase about "so many Democrats" say if Hillary is not there then they're going to vote for McCain.

Comments: I've heard Doocy say this before but he doesn't talk about the numbers. He doesn't give names of polls or media who are saying this. Is this the only hope that the Republicans are hedging on? I heard lots of people today on Fox and Friends say that the Democrats will come together whichever candidate wins.

And Mitt Romney, does he want to be vice president? I mean, he compliments John McCain more than most people on Fox does and he does it whenever he's on. It's like this is his job.