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White Rights Champion Hannity Presents Obama's Church As Unchristian Marxists Who Sanction Murder

Reported by Ellen - May 5, 2008 -

Sean Hannity, the Neo-Nazi sympathizing champion of white rights, graduated from accusing Barack Obama and his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, of being black bigots and is now attacking Obama's church. On a special edition of Hannity's America Friday night, 5/2/08, four nights before the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, a series of guests characterized the Trinity United Church of Christ as consisting of Unchristian Marxists who sanction murder. With video.

Hannity began the segment by saying, “What exactly is black liberation theology? ...We expose the truth.” Hannity watchers know that that was a signal he was going to start misrepresenting.

“It started during the 1960's in Latin America,” Hannity said misleadingly. It's true that liberation theology began in Latin America but black liberation theology began in the United States.

Hannity continued, “It is often cited as being a form of quote, Christian socialism... The principle criticism of liberation theology is its embrace of Marxism. Pope Benedict XVI, while he was still a Cardinal strongly opposed radical liberation theology. In fact, the Vatican twice condemned the liberationist acceptance of Marxism and violence.”

Hannity did not make it clear that black liberation theology is not directly connected to the liberation theology of South America. There was no spokesperson for black liberation theology to make that point.

But there was a guest to take the criticisms against black theology even further. Rev. Rob Schenck was introduced merely as an evangelical minister and president of the National Clergy Council. In fact, Schenck, one of the founders of Operation Rescue, is on the far right side of the religious right.

Hannity deliberately painted the theology as a threat to Christianity: “(Schenck) is nervous about what implications black liberation theology will have on Christianity as a whole.”

Schenck compounded that take by saying, “If you ask the average Christian leader in this country, it is way, way outside the mainstream of Christian belief. And In fact, it's based in Marxism. At the core of his theology is really an anti-Christian understanding of God and is part of a long history of individuals who actually advocate using violence in overthrowing those they perceive to be oppressing them. Even acts of murder have been defended by followers of liberation theology. That's very, very dangerous.”

Schenck continued, “You need to have a careful, balanced interpretation of the Bible. Liberation Theology isolates a few verses, takes them out of context and then exaggerates their meaning.”

Next, “Great American” Hannity deliberately smeared Wright as anti-American. First, viewers were shown a quote of Wright saying, “Our congregation stood in solidarity with the peasants in El Salvador and Nicaragua.”

Wright never said he or his congregation got involved in the conflict. But Hannity left the impression that he had.

Jose Diaz Balart of Telemundo Network was the next guest. Diaz Balart said, “Liberation theology in Nicaragua in the mid-80's was a pro-Sandinista, pro-Marxist, anit-US, anti-Catholic Church movement. That's it. NO if's ands or buts. (Wright's) church, apparently, supported... groups that supported the Sandinista dictatorship and that were opposed to the Contras, whose reason for being was calling for elections. That's all I know. I was there.”

Diaz Balart went on to say that churches “that (Wright) spoke of and the churches were churches that talked about the need for violent revolution... and the priests talked about the corruption of the west, talked about the need for revolution everywhere and talked about the evil empire which was the United States of America.”