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Doocy Has His Son On Fox & Friends Again

Reported by Donna - May 5, 2008 -

Last week, Steve Doocy from Fox and Friends had his son, Peter, from Villanova on to talk about the campaign. This week, in another show of cronyism, he was brought back in with 20 (hand picked?) students to discuss the candidates.

It was another case of like father like son on the issues.

They played the clip about Hillary drinking the whiskey and 'hitting the sauce' and added that Barack had drunk a Bud. (Comment: Oh my! ) But didn't mention anything again about Bush's 20 years with alcoholism)

On the clip, McCain did a lot of um's and uh's and didn't really answer the question except to give a smart ass answer of "whatever makes Hillary happy." (Comment: So, if you can't answer a Peter Doocy question, how are you supposed to be handling the job of president?)

Peter asked who in his audience registered to vote and they all put their hands up. He also asked them who voted in the primary and a couple of hands went up. He asked who was voting the same as their parents and most hands went up but Peter Doocy asked one person who had not why not? The person answered because it was a sort of rebellion. He asked one who had put their hand up and they said they were Democrats and she needed health insurance.

He went on about Barack Obama and said you see all these bumper stickers and tv ads talking about change and he wanted to know who really believed that since he couldn't even change churches when Rev Wright spoke the way he did? Again Peter got an answer he probably wasn't expecting - that "it was taken out of context." (Comment: Shades of Steve Doocy)

Another Wright question - whether this was a political thing that happened and one student answered and said Barack and Obama knew this was coming so it was political, not what Barack believed in.

The students seemed to believe it was Reverend Wright's fault it took so long to come out - that all of a sudden he just blew up.

Peter asked them if this was going to hurt Obama. One student said yes and one said no. So, it seems to be going away except in the Doocy household.

He asked if John McCain's age hurt him. One student said it wasn't his age it was his ideas because of his age that affected him. He didn't relate to young people.

Comment: Like I said, like father like son. You can see the father's questions coming out of the son's mouth.

Peter did make a boo-boo when he said that when John McCain is inaugurated. I don't think he's been inauguarated yet.

On another short segment, Ari Fleisher said that people are lying to poolsters, that black people didnt want to say that they wouldn't vote for another black person? (Comment: Is this racist:) What are your thoughts?