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The Economy, Politics, Fast Food, and “Sexy” – Cavuto Has It All

Reported by Priscilla - May 2, 2008 -

Last night’s (May 1st) “Your World” with Neil Cavuto was its usual mélange of right wing talking points and tabloid. Neil led off with a report on yesterday’s planned pro immigration rallies and discussed the reasons for illegal immigration with community organizer, Andrea Mercado. Naturally, Cavuto kept emphasizing how the illegals were breaking the law while ignoring the fact that his free market business pals are making huge profits from these folks. Karl Rove was number two on the hit parade.

This was the Fox perfunctory bash-Obama-through-Wright segment with unacknowledged McCain advisor (87 days and counting) Karl Rove who, Cavuto is “happy to say,” is a Fox contributor. Cavuto played footage of Barack Obama saying that the public is tired of hearing about Reverend Wright and asked Rove if he thought that was true. Obviously, Fox is willing to keep this story going and so, according to Rove, are the American people. Rove described Americans as “prospective” and “always looking forward.” Rove asserted that this is why they continue to have questions about Obama’s judgment and how he will govern given his connection to Wright. (Comment: Rove is “projecting” what he thinks Americans are thinking. He’s also looking backward with this Wright thing). Just in case you’ve forgotten, Rove brought up Obama’s liberal voting record and his association with “extremists.” (Comment: like McCain’s association with radical, bigoted, “Christian” TV evangelists?) Rove claimed that the American people pay attention to a candidate’s “character and values” in electing a president. (Comment: Hey, Karl, how’d that “value” thing work out after some of your guys got caught with their pants down?) Cavuto worked in a comment about how the economy isn’t that bad and Americans “don’t feel nearly as bad as they are told” that they are feeling. (Comment: more “projection” from an obviously elitist and out of touch Cavuto).

Cavuto followed this glowing affirmation of a good economy with a report from Brenda Buttner who claimed that yesterday’s West Coast, anti-war, port shut-down could have devastating effects on the economy, adding that the results won’t be known for a couple of months.

Later, Cavuto reported that New Jersey is planning on taxing fast food and interviewed fitness promoter, Michael Karolchyck, who agrees with this. Karolchyck was wearing a tee shirt that said “no chubbies” (Comment: no comment!!!)

When Cavuto previewed an upcoming segment on how Madonna was “under fire” for a “steamy dance scene,” my husband said “oh, good, the sexy stuff.” Cavuto began the piece by saying that Madonna was “under fire for bumping and grinding with Justin Timberlake” and asked “is this anyway to sell records?” This wasn’t a problem for Friel who said that “there are a lot of women who want to have Madonna’s body at age 50 and a chance to pin Justin Timberlake.” She then read (Comment: Friel is never far from the teleprompter) that “others say it’s time to hang up those cone shaped bras.” Meanwhile, the chyron read “Madonna simulates sex with Justin Timberlake” while the images in the background were of Madonna dancing – or according to Fox, “simulating sex.” Cavuto commented that Madonna still is popular; but asked if “she can keep herself relevant?” We never did learn who was upset with Madonna.

Comment: TGIF people!!! Cavuto has something for everyone, from the not very sublime to the totally ridiculous!