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Laura Ingraham gets first (but certainly not last) crack at Clinton interview

Reported by Chrish - May 2, 2008 -

I called it - Laura Ingraham was first on The Factor 5/1/08 to dissect the Hillary Clinton interview, putting her rightwing spin on each issue and criticizing the absent Senator. O'Reilly was firmly behind Ms. Ingraham on the (notably "Republican") issues; where's the fair and balanced?

After the initial self-congratulations and praise, Ingraham allowed that Clinton looked comfortable and seemed to enjoy the parrying and if people were looking to see a more warm human side of her she delivered. O'Reilly wasn't done with the bragging, however, and said that this interview was seen by more people around the world than any other she's done, thanks to the Internet and radio. (?)

O'Reilly asked Ingraham what Clinton said that she disagreed with the most? What an opening!

Ingraham thought one of her weakest points was Iraq (how convenient for the anticipated McCain=POW=war hero=expert on foreign policy meme.) Ingraham disagreed with Clinton's "Iraq is a mess" assessment; things are getting a lot better, she said, and we're not giving Iraqi politicians enough credit. (Her guy Romney agrees with Hillary.) Ingraham called Clinton's theories "incredibly weak and naive;" O'Reilly made a show of being "ultra-fair" in explaining what Clinton meant but agreed that it's wishful thinking. O'Reilly argued that people are tired of the war, and Ingraham acknowledged that but said they don't want our sacrifices ("our"?) to have been in vain. That's where Clinton has real weakness, but compared to Obama...! Iran's recent criticism of her comments that we could obliterate them if they attacked Israel is the best thing that could happen to her!

O'Reilly said he was legitimately criticized by some for not "hammering" Clinton enough for her ANWR and nuke votes, and Ingraham added that Clinton is being criticized by economists for "her proposal to at least temporarily bring down the gas tax." As Ingraham well knows, the summer amnesty plan was McCain's idea and Clinton said (April 21 on Larry King Live) "I would also consider a gas tax holiday, if we could make up the lost revenues from the Highway Trust Fund.”

But that's not the biggie on the domestic front: Clinton was confused on "sanctuary cities" and the criminal ramifications of illegal immigration (surprise, surprise, another Republican meat and potatoes issue). Weak, weak, weak.

So Clinton is criticized, not debated, for her answers and policy positions. We knew this would happen. This move by the Clinton campaign (in my personal opinion a lapse in judgment) has opened the door for FOX to cite her positions and then have round after round of regular guests critique her style, her views, her knowledge, her positions, all under the guise of "analysis." Her positions were well-known; all she did was confer legitimacy on FOX and O'Reilly and feed the beast. Now they're going to chew her up and spit her out.