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Bill O'Reilly Wants Guests To Analyze His Performance Not Clinton's

Reported by Deborah - May 2, 2008 -

Last night, after the interview with Hillary Clinton, Bill O'Reilly was so self absorbed that he thought the interview was about him instead of Clinton. He scheduled two analysis segments focusing on his own performance while ignoring Hillary's. Lanny Davis wasn't easily diverted but Jane Hall and Linda Stasi gave him exactly want he wanted.

Lanny Davis, who seems to share Dick Morris' obsession with Hillary Clinton, was focused on expressing his adoration. BOR seemed restless and finally asked him what "other liberals" thought about the interview. Davis said that everyone who called him thought she did a good job.

This was not going to satisfy the pulsating ego so he blurted, " Do you think Obama is coming in here?" Davis hesitated and O'Reilly getting testy demanded his " instinct" on the matter.

Linda Stasi and Jane Hall were way more helpful concentrating on the most important issue imaginable, Bill O'Reilly's performance technique. BOR claimed he wanted to explore the complexities of interviewing a woman saying he was concerned about " audience perception" He explained, " I have to worry about what the audience thinks. I treat women a little different. The lines are different."

Stasi and Hall took their cues and became helpful coaches.Hall commented that he was more "playful" on the first night but noted the second night was more serious requiring him to be "gender neutral". Stasi thought it was best not to make any gender distinction but noted that it was indeed "virgin territory" so " nobody knows".

At this point the segment started to feel like O'Reilly's personal consultation with his hired interview coaching team. "I used words like bull and bubkes", he announced with uncertainty.
Then his confidence seemed to waver as he recalled a debate where Rick Lazio handed Hillary something which people didn't like. With a nasty sing song inflection suggesting the critics weren't tough guys like him he moaned that Lazio " invaded her space". He wanted his coaches to understand. " There's a mental space" claiming you can only take it to a certain point and then you become a " brow beater".

Jane Hall knew it was time to reassure him with praise saying the interview reminded her of the one with Whoopi Goldberg. " I think she engaged with you" adding that he was very "gracious".

That made him feel better but he wanted to make sure his manly man persona wasn't harmed. He assured her that if a man had made those " sanctuary city", remarks," I would have done the finger thing." Hall reminded him that he did do "the finger thing' but sweetly agreed that he would have been more confrontational with a man.

comment: It's interesting that Jane Hall, who has been a victim of BOR's angry finger pointing behavior, was so adept at calming his raging ego because she communicated to his insecurity. I suspect she has some experience in this area and it explains why she tolerates his bad behavior and keeps coming back for more.