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Happy Economic Talk And Other Stuff From Good News Neil Cavuto

Reported by Priscilla - May 1, 2008 -

Last night’s (April 30th) Neil Cavuto show was the first one that I have ever watched and I must say that the experience was painful. The show is a bizarre amalgam of economic and political “news” which is heavily skewed to the right and mixed with titillating tabloid meant for lots of “exposure” of those titillating tabloid topics. Throughout the show, Neil does a range of emotions ranging from irate (at Democratic guests) to cloyingly gentle when discussing something near and dear to his heart (anything not Democratic).

After Cavuto and Dagan McDowell agreed that the stock market was doing well and there’s no recession, Cavuto said that Hillary Clinton was “slamming the economy” and asked if these comments are “doing more harm than good.” He added that “he wasn’t taking sides here.” (Comment: Yeah, right!) The chyron read “are Clinton’s negative comments about the economy destructive?” Cavuto then interviewed Lanny Davis in an interview which provided Cavuto with a platform on which to, in rebutting Davis, talk about good economic news and criticize those who would say otherwise.

Cavuto asked Davis about “how wise” it is for candidates to talk down the economy to which Davis replied that the “facts”suggest that the economy is a concern. To his credit, Davis added that during the Clinton administration, there were 24 million new jobs as opposed to Bush’s 5 million. He added that average people think that they are not as well off as in the past. (Comment: recent Pew Poll shows that Davis is correct.) Cavuto said that there has been “good news” in that stocks, since March 10th of this year, have gone up to which Davis responded that Bush is borrowing heavily to finance the war. Cavuto’s response was that he “didn’t want to revisit history.” Cavuto claimed that talking down the economy was like yelling fire in a theatre because “it’s not a fire” and it’s not doing any good to say it. Davis then discussed the home foreclosure situation to which Cavuto said that 96% of Americans pay their mortgages on time and that those who focus on the bad news are “overdoing it.” Davis said that if Cavuto went to Middle America and spoke to people who are experiencing a number of problems related to the economy, he might have a different view to which Cavuto, shouting, said “this isn’t about politics.” Cavuto, increasingly irritated, said that “it is incumbent on politicians to get the entire lay of the land” and tell the voters to “join the 95% of those who are not suffering.” (Comment: Cavuto really should read that Pew Poll and all the others which indicate that those in the “heartland” are not happy campers.) Davis coolly responded that the facts were such that it would be negligent for candidates to ignore the reality. Cavuto, quite agitated, said that he had enormous respect for Davis and he wasn’t badgering him; but that “both sides” need to be presented in any discussion of the economy. Cavuto claimed that if “you say it enough” people will think “it’s the end of the world.” (Comment: isn’t Fox’s “M.O.” all about repeating messages of gloom and doom if Democrats win elections?) Cavuto said that relative to the Great Depression, this isn’t so bad. Davis told Cavuto to do some “door knocking.” (Comment: Is Cavuto that “out of touch” with reality?)

Later in the show, Cavuto interviewed Amanda Carpenter, from Town Hall, about how Obama’s connection to Wright could indicate that his judgment on foreign policy could be faulty. He had the perfunctory fluffy T&A segment with Courtney Friel, clad in a tight gold satin blouse which emphasized her “assets.” Friel reported that Juicy Couture, which features its logo on the seat of its pants, is sueing Victoria’s Secret over Victoria’s Secret “Pink” line putting it’s logo on the seat of its pants. Suffice to say, background shots, of shapely butts bearing the “Juicy” logo were shown. After this segment, Cavuto interviewed anti obesity advocate Meme Roth about Dancing With the Stars “Marissa” being content with her weight. Roth said this sends a message that it’s OK to be overweight. Cavuto said that “Marissa” was “beautiful” and if she’s dancing, she’s getting enough excerise. Cavuto then screamed at Meme, “do you have any fat friends?”

Comment: In watching this show, it is no surprise that more people watch CNBC for business news. Cavuto’s “Your World” is to business what McDonald’s is to food – filling, no nutritional value, and prompts a gag reflex.