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DC Madam Commits Suicide - Little Mention Of Republicans Involved

Reported by Donna - May 1, 2008 -

Shocking news out of Tarpan Springs, FL, near Tampa Fl, where the so called 'DC Madam', Deborah Jean Palfrey had killed herself, hung herself in her mothers shed.

If Democrats names had been mentioned this would have been a huge story on Fox.

Instead it was mentioned that Louisiania Senator, David Vitter, (R) had apologized to his constituents for his serious sin and Randall Tobias, former Deputy Securtiy of State had resigned last April because he had used her services for massages.

That was it. Now all is wiped clean. Deborah Jean Palfrey is dead and these men have apologized and resigned but they are still alive and I would imagine that there isn't much of a case left.

Comments: Normally on Fox, (as was noted by the Wright story), a story like this (if it was about Democrats) would go on forever. Instead it got a couple of minutes on Studio B.

Is there more to this story than is indicated? Was she pressured? Notes have been found on the victim, but the contents have not been released.