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White-Rights-Champ Hannity Upset Bill Moyers Did Not Accuse Rev. Wright Of Reverse Racism

Reported by Ellen - April 30, 2008 -

Conservative “media watchdog” Brent Bozell was in a hypocritical lather last night (4/29/08) on Hannity & Colmes over the supposed bias of Bill Moyers in his interview with Reverend Jeremiah Wright last week. To prove that Moyers had not been tough enough on Wright, FOX News replayed Sean Hannity's 2007 interview with Wright in which he badgered and race-baited Wright and falsely accused him of being a black separatist. The implication was clear: Any other kind of interview proved liberal bias. With video.

It's hilarious that FOX held up Hannity as any kind of interviewing model of excellence. Sure he was tough during his quick attack job on Wright last year. But that was because Wright had the nerve to be an outspoken black man associated with a Democratic presidential candidate (this was long before the “chickens coming home to roost” hit the media). Such a man is nearly always attacked by white-rights advocate Hannity as a black racist.

A far better comparison would be one of Hannity's lengthy interviews with Republican presidential candidates. Hannity asked only softball questions and liberal Alan Colmes was shut out of most of the interviews. See for example, the recent interviews with Fred Thompson, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Even worse, during an earlier interview with Rudy Giuliani (another one from which Colmes was shut out) Hannity didn't just gloss over Giuliani's long-time association with the crooked Bernard Kerik but helpfully and falsely suggested that it was not part of Giuliani's record.

Conservative Bozell completely overlooked Hannity's lap-dog interviews with Republicans. Comparing the two Wright interviews, he told Colmes, “One was an interview, one was a set-up piece.”

Yes, and it was Hannity's interview that was the set-up piece. It's obvious in the interview that Hannity had no interest in Wright's explanation of black liberation theology but only wanted to hammily accuse him of being a black racist. Incidentally, the only kind of racism Hannity seems to care about is black against white.

Bozell said, “When a softball interview deliberately omits any serious coverage, any serious questions, any serious discussion and goes so far as to deny things that the person being interviewed actually has said as a statement of fact, then that's just a puff piece.”

Here are a sample of some of the questions Moyers did ask that Bozell (who was the only guest for the segment; there was nobody to represent Moyers) discounted:

BILL MOYERS: So, when Trinity Church says it is unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian, is it embracing a race-based theology?

...BILL MOYERS: One of the most controversial sermons that you preach is the sermon you preach that ended up being that sound bite about Goddamn America... What did you mean when you said that?

...BILL MOYERS: But even some of your admirers say it would be wrong to gloss over what Martin Marty himself called- who loves you- called your "abrasive edges." For example, you know, Louis Farrakhan lives in the south part of Chicago, doesn't he? You've had a long complicated relationship with him, right?

I guess Wright should have been asked such “serious questions” as why he is a traitor or why he hates whites or when did he decide that Osama bin laden is his hero?

Predictably, Bozell launched an attack against Moyers for “using taxpayer dollars.” Colmes nicely countered by pointing out that Bozell never seemed to mind when William F. Buckley was using taxpayer dollars for his show.

Bozell laughably claimed, “If there was a conservative doing (an interview like Moyers'), in a New York second, I would (go after him or her).”

Really? Then I'm sure we can expect Bozell to go after Hannity any second now, right?

Tellingly, Hannity ignored the issue of media bias (the purported reason for the discussion) in order to dive straight into another series of accusation that Wright and Obama are prejudiced against whites.

Bozell immediately tossed his media-critic hat aside in order to join in the pile on. Referring to Wright, Bozell said, “The man is an intellectual coward.”