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O'Reilly gloating over Hillary Clinton interview - MoveOn and DailyKos "emasculated"

Reported by Chrish - April 30, 2008 -

The Hillary Clinton interview with Bill O'Reilly has only half-aired and already the network and its surrogates are doing exactly what we knew they would - tearing her up and using her own words (and facial expression, for chrissake) against her. Bill O'Reilly is so pleased with himself over the big get he can't hide his glee, but his deepest satisfaction is in prevailing over the farleft blogs and websites. He feels he's really scored one in the Kulturkampf.
With video.

Before the first two parts aired this evening, the afternoon program Live Desk presented a "facial coding expert" who pretended to read Hillary Clinton's mind through her face. Her analysis includes “We see Hillary Clinton actually has her head tilted up a little bit, this is as if she’s looking down her nose at even being asked these questions.” Any woman of a certain age will tell you that when being photographed it is more flattering to get more light on the bags under the eyes, and to stretch the skin of the neck for a more youthful appearance. This segment is merely another way to insinuate opinion and bias into what was pretended to be news. Thanks to RawStory for the video:

Ten, maybe fifteen minutes after the first two (of four) segments of the Clinton interview aired tonight 4/30/08 on the O'Reilly Factor, BillO had Dennis Miller on to outsource the slams. Miller did what O'Reilly could not (and maintain this "journalist" facade for the night); he injected "backseat driving" into the conversation, telling O'Reilly and the viewers what he coulda-shoulda-woulda said to really hammer her on particular issues. O'Reilly said he couldn't stay on one issue (votes against "nuke energy' and drilling in ANWR) because he had to get to telling her he thought her healthcare plan will bankrupt the country and how the left is hammering her but she still won't "throw them under the bus." Miller relayed a question, why didn't Clinton take care of healthcare for WalMart while she sat on that board? (which serves to remind people of her corporate ties to the evil empire), and O'Reilly answered that she wasn't running for president then (insinuating her caring now is a charade, a political expedient).

Miller said he doesn't mind paying higher taxes, up to 50%, implying that's what we're in for should she be president. Just be polite about it, he asked. He proceeded to rant about how candidates should "pre-emptively" come to FOX instead of "slumming it," because FOX is the core of the heartland. O'Reilly agreed.

Hmm, I guess he has thrown off the mask already.

This opened the door for his own ugly rant. He was gloating but still angry and raged about the left-wing blogs and how they've been emasculated (not a worry for the 5 women here), how they have no power, and (essentially) FOX won and gets to control the dialog.

"The greatest thing about this interview ... is that it's emasculated all these farleft extortion types like MoveOn and the Kos who threatened Hillary Clinton, and threatened Barack Obama, and all the other Democrats. They threatened them. And now, alla those extortionists, all those George Soros puppets, their power is GONE! in an instant, GONE! Because they're not calling the shots. And you know who has to get his butt in here? (Miller guessed Kos.) Barack Obama!"

Yup, this is what it's all about - a power play, a struggle for influence. And BillO feels he's won. (But don't let that make you think he's not independent or fair - he just hates the left, that's all.)

Watch for yourselves: