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O'Reilly so excited about Clinton appearance he lets Obama off the Wright hook - for now

Reported by Chrish - April 29, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly self-aggrandizingly promoted his upcoming interview with Senator Hillary Clinton as himself sitting down with her for "a major policy discussion." I'm sure she'll be picking his brains for some tough-guy tactics - if we ever see her yell "cut his mic!" in another debate, we'll know she took his advice. HIs Talking Points Memo 4/29/08 was bookended with reminders about the coup de theatre, with Obama and Wright the center of attention. Of course.

O'Reilly tipped his hand - he'll be asking tough questions about gas prices and the war on terror, which the media has so far failed to explore. (Because they're too busy parsing a preacher's 7-year-old sermons?) The media is corrupt, he chanted, and the Moyers interview with Wright is a great example; Moyers job is to challenge, not pander.

Comment: As Jeremiah Wright is not an elected or appointed official, it is not Moyers' or anyone's duty to demand accountability from him. The interview fulfilled its purpose of informing and educating viewers about Wright - his history, his church, and his world view. O'Reilly's way - belligerence - is not the only way.

O'Reilly lauded Obama's courage in "admitting" to Chris Wallace that the Wright story is legitimate, and proceeded to play video of Obama "hammering" Wright in comments today. O'Reilly said afterwards that the Wright story should peter out unless he does something else "dumb," and that's just great timing because he'll have Senator Clinton on tomorrow!

He didn't say, but i inferred, that after Clinton's appearances (the "discussion" will be aired over two nights) he will have plenty of new "parsing" to do. Obama should send her a thank you card.

Look at that cat-who-swallowed-the-canary grin: