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O'Reilly busted on lie about Moyers' employees' insurance

Reported by Chrish - April 29, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly issued a correction last night 4/28/08 for an unfounded smear he flung at Bill Moyers last month. Stopping short of apologizing, O'Reilly said:

"First, one correction. 'A few days ago' I said that Bill Moyers does not pay health insurance for some of his employees. The Moyers' people say that is not true, and at this point, I believe them. I regret the error."

The initial smear was tossed in a segment with fellow ranter Dennis Miller. Moyers attended the Take Back America Conference in Washington DC, and after O'Reilly's crew ambushed him Moyers saw fit to drop BOR's name during his speech: "Bill feels about journalism, the same way Bush feels about war." He sends someone else.

Never one to let the slightest slight go unanswered, thin-skinned O'Reilly mocked the conference and Moyers personally:

"Moyers puts himself up, at our tax expense, as a fair and objective guy. And here he is at the biggest left-loon conference in the world mocking me. He's a charlatan who epitomizes the left-wing media in this country and doesn't even pay his employees' health insurance."

We can safely assume O'Reilly made the correction under, umm, pressure, as he has been called out numerous times and doesn't correct the record if it's only for truthfulness' sake. Note that even in his "correction," he hedged and said he had accused Moyers of not providing insurance to some employees, when he made no such caveat in the original charge. It does seem to be a habit, doesn't it?