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Neil Cavuto Doesn't Mind Sounding Like a Nut on Television — Why is he Afraid To to Put it in Writing on His Website?

Reported by Melanie - April 29, 2008 -

Below is Neil Cavuto's April 29, 2008 "Common Sense" editorial. The plain text constitutes what Cavuto posted on his website. The bold text is language he included in the live, televised version (the one he aired this afternoon (4-29-08)). Check out the difference between the two, but pay attention to the second half of the last sentence.

Well, Think about this. Foreclosures up 23 percent in the latest quarter. Home prices down nearly 13 percent in just the past 12 months. Consumer confidence reported today at a five-year low. And yet, a $60 video game they just can't keep on the shelves.

Thousands of eager consumers waiting in lines...in lines!...to be among the first to scoop up "Grand Theft Auto IV." A game that's become a cult. And a fairly pricey one at that. 60 bucks a pop. And apparently more than 10 million folks will more than happily pay it. Because they just want to play it.

They love the graphics, they love the action, and apparently they love the controversial violence. Even though, I suspect, many of them don't much love this economy.

Things are slowing. They are not.

Things are bad. But "Grand Theft Auto" sales are good.

What does a game tell us about the economy? Not much, save maybe the possibility things aren't nearly so bad as we're told with this economy. After all, this is a game, a discretionary purchase. Games and discretionary purchases don't do well when we're not doing well. Unless we're doing better than experts say we are. The same experts who are confounded by Apple selling nearly two million iPhones last quarter and more than 10 million iPods too. Which could explain why MasterCard and Visa just finished had some a great quarters.

Maybe we're charging this that. Or maybe, just maybe, we're just getting a charge out of this, realizing the only grand theft going on here is a theft of reality.

Comment: In other words, given how many people are springing for $60 Grand Theft Auto IV videos, talk of a recession must be a lie. Now, what self-respecting "business news" guy is going to say that, particularly in the face of Nobel Prize winning economists who openly say what we're headed for is something far worse than a recession? How does Cavuto balance his position as the head guy at the new Fox "Business" Network and as the "managing editor" of Fox "business news" while continuing to propagandize for the GOP? Here's how: He says one thing on television but reproduces a milder version on his website, lest actual business people read it. He seems confident "business" people aren't watching Your World because he'd never say what he did today if he thought they were. In Foxland, they create their own reality for consumption by the dazed, confused and uninformed Fox audience. On the web, they spruce it up. How sleazy is that?!