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Good morning! Let's bash Jeremiah Wright, shall we?

Reported by Chrish - April 29, 2008 -

No hour on FOX is complete without a lengthy Jeremiah Wright segment. This morning 4/29/08 on FOX and Friends First hosts Alisyn Camerota and Brain Kilmeade segued into the obligatory piece from another about Howard Dean and the Democrats and Kilmeade didn't even try to hide his bias.

First the two discussed DNC Chairman Howard Dean's statement that one of the two Democratic contenders must drop out by the end of June, allowing the party to "heal" and voters to coalesce around the nominee well before the convention and the general election. It can't come soon enough for Barack Obama, segued Kilmeade, because Jeremiah Wright's "get to know me tour" has been a disaster for Obama.

Camerota said that Wright has made it sound as if Obama's March speech on race was just politics. Kilmeade pronounced Wright's explanations, intended to defend himself and clear his record, "a disaster." Camerota said that Wright "has been the beneficiary of this country," (again ignoring his six years of voluntary military service), has had a stellar career, and lives in a multi-million dollar home, yet he is still angry about the United States. Kilmeade expanded, calling Wright "smug, arrogant, (and) condescending," and said his behavior yesterday would have been out of line for a nine-year-old.

They brought in Roy Innis of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality), another of the cadre of black men and women never before seen on FOX who are being exploited to bolster the "see, it's not just white folks against the black candidate" tactics. "CORE was originally a leading civil rights organisation that has more recently aligned with conservative think tanks and anti-environmental campaigns," per SourceWatch. Former employees detailed complaints about the family-run organization in a Village Voice article.

Innis was no fan of Wright and surmises that Wright may not want Obama to win the nomination. He denies that Wright's church represents "the black church" and speculates that Wright doesn't want Obama to win because that would prove that the country has changed and equality has come to America. Obama should denounce Wright's "stupidity and lies," and he doesn't believe Wright believes what he's saying. He was abruptly cut off, mid-sentence.

Later in the program, joined by Steve Doocy, the three piled on again. He held up the New York Post front page "Pastor Disaster" ** and Kilmeade again decried Wright's behavior, saying his eleven-year-old would be punished for same. Camerota, playing the part of reasonable this morning, said Kilmeade and Doocy see things through their lenses but not everyone sees it that way. This was an introduction to bashing Soledad O'Brien of CNN, who attended the event in Detroit and who found the presentation "funny", "not angry," "interesting," "dynamic," and "a homerun from his perspective." Camerota compared the two speeches, saying he was "angrier" at the NAACP and "worked his way up to a lather" at the National Press Club.

Doocy introduced the gossipy tidbit from the NY Daily News that the woman who invited Wright to the National Press Club, Barbara Reynolds, is a Hillary Clinton supporter. "Diabolical!" said Camerota.

Cavuto is right - this is the gift that keeps on giving - to FOX. Mind you, this was only the First hour (of three) of FOX and Friends and the first of 16 hours of daily programming on FOX. More, much more, to come.

**"Pastor Disaster" was a Kinky Friedman original, on the O'Reilly Factor a few weeks back.