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Fox: We'll Find More Dirt on Barack Obama Even If we Have to Interview Every Single Member of Reverend Wright's Church

Reported by Melanie - April 29, 2008 -

Yesterday Neil Cavuto gave us his "guarantee" that Reverend Jeremiah Wright will be the "gift that keeps giving" to those who want to quash Barach Obama's candidacy.

Today (April 29, 2008), after Obama's "emergency" (Cavuto's word) press conference during which he denounced and rejected Reverend Wright, we learn from paid Fox hack Dick Morris some of the details as to how the right plans to exploit that "gift."

Mr. Business News had Morris on (what a "fair and balanced" choice!) to talk about whether Obama's press conference helped or hurt him. Morris said it helped "at a certain level" because Obama made himself out to be the "un"-Wright, just like he made himself out to be the un-Jessie Jackson and the un-Al Sharpton. But, Morris said,

He's got a real problem, which is the same problem John Kerry had. John Kerry's candidacy was hostage to the recollection of everybody that served with him in Vietnam, as to whether the swift boat charges were true or not. Now Obama's candidacy is hostage to everybody who's ever been in that church. Reporters are going to climb all over that church. They're going to interview everybody that was there and some guy's gonna say, well, I remember when Reverend Wright talked about chickens coming home to roost and Barack was in the next pew and he was awake! And I think that it's going to increasingly hurt Obama on the level of seeming too weak and then seeming non-credible.

But isn't politics fun Neil? A couple of months ago Obama was trying to prove he wasn't a Muslim and now the more he can prove he doesn't go to church the better he's going to do.

And a bit later: There's going to be a "chip, chip, chipping on his credibility..."

Comment: Trinity United Church of Christ has 6,000 congregants. I doubt many of them will be receptive to reporters "climbing" all over the place but yeah, they might find "some guy" who's willing to say damaging things about Obama. Hey, maybe they (the GOP or who knows who) will pay "some guy" (or guys) to say something bad. Wouldn't put it past anyone. Anyway, get ready folks. Fasten your seat belt. Despite Obama's press conference, the right isn't missing a beat on this one. They're probably looking for the 2008 Swift Boat crew as we speak. They aim to destroy Barack Obama, even if they have to interview every last one of those 6,000 congregants.