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FOX Election HQ Makes Obama Seem Likable Twice In One Day

Reported by Deborah - April 29, 2008 -

Maybe they were rewarding Obama for his statements today, 4/29/07, about Reverend Wright or apologizing for ignoring his great interview on FNS. It's hard to say what motivated the dedicated Obama eating zombies on American Election HQ to actually show clips that made him look like a nice guy.

The first clip showed Barack and Michelle at the Rachel Ray show. Viewers didn't get to see them cooking and kibbutzing with Rachel but they did get to see Obama tell an endearing story about his kids who he said declared him "boring" when he told them about speaking in front of 35,000 people. Even Michelle was shown smiling with love and approval while he spoke.

Later they showed him playing basketball with some very accomplished young guys and left in Obama's self depreciating and totally disarming comment about how they decided not to hurt him. ( or something like that) Then Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly complimented his basketball skill and Hemmer mentioned that Obama was 46 in a way that suggested he was keeping up with the young guys.

No need to get too suspicious about their motives since they went right back to harping on his guilt by association with Wright. They should be careful or the voters will see him as somebody they'd like to have a beer with and you know where that leads..