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Bill O'Reilly Ponders Hypothetical Friendship Between John McCain and David Duke

Reported by Deborah - April 29, 2008 -

On the day after Barack Obama's impressive performance with Chris Wallace on FNS , FOX continued their relentless campaign against the candidate. Bill O'Reilly had Matthew Littman, speech writer and Obama supporter, on to discuss the possible " Political Demise" of Obama supposedly caused by the recent comments from Jeremiah Wright which FOX had reported over and over throughout the day. BOR asked Littman what he thought might happen if John McCain and David Duke were close friends

Although O'Reilly has been pushing the guilt by association attack on Obama very strenuously, last night he told Littman, " I feel sorry for him." At that moment BOR actually sounded sincere.
Littman agreed saying that Wright should " go away for a long time."

O'Reilly offered a hypothetical comparison of Obama and Wright wondering what would happen if John McCain and David Duke were good friends and McCain thought he was a nice guy while not agreeing with his philosophy. BOR wanted to know how it would be treated by the media.

Littman said the comparison didn't work because the African American community has real historical grievances that shade their attitude. He then noted that Wright has gone off the deep end. O'Reilly accepted the response from Littman without argument.

Of course, this left the door open for Littman to bring up some of the real relationships McCain has had with controversial people but Littman didn't want to go there for whatever reason. Also there's no need to wonder what the press might do about these connections because we have seen that the media prefers to ignore them.

There are McCain's close ties to lobbyists that were briefly noted by the media and then quickly dropped. Brave New Films put it out there in this video.

Then there are all those embarrassing scenes of McCain hugging George W Bush after Bush and Rove ruthlessly smeared him in the 2000 primary with a racist ploy to scare S.C. voters. Although most reasonable Americans would see that as a plus for McCain, it was meant to turn off voters and did. It should have turned off McCain as well. One could accept civility from McCain after that treatment but not adoration. I find this behavior in McCain unnerving and points to a serious psychological problem

The relationship between McCain and Hagee is another one that deserves media scrutiny. Now another controversial connection has emerged between McCain and white supremacist, Richard Quinn. Will FOX be covering this story anytime soon?

Bill O'Reilly sure doesn't need any hypothetical friendships with David Duke when he has so many real options for one of his Factor Investigations. Porter Berry better get that ambush van gassed up.