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Ann Coulter: Republican Unpopularity Due To Bush's Success In War On Terror

Reported by Ellen - April 29, 2008 -

Ann “Boombox” Coulter was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (4/28/08). Interestingly, her slots on the show have been moved back later and later, ever since she endorsed Hillary Clinton. So it was no surprise that she started to back off the endorsement and hinted, just as I had predicted, that she'd probably vote for John McCain after all. Then with slightly slurred speech, Boomie declared that the reason Democrats are favored over Republicans in 2008 is because George W. Bush has been so successful in the war on terror. Unbelievably, “Democrat” Doug Schoen agreed with her. With video.

I've listened to hours of accusations of anti-Americanism against Reverend Jeremiah Wright on FOX News. Yet there was Boomie Coulter, who can't seem to open her mouth without smearing a chunk of America, yet nobody on FOX ever bats an eyelash at her crazed vitriol.

Coulter did not come right out and admit that she was going to back off her publicity stunt of supporting Hillary Clinton but Boomie made it clear that a flip-flop is in the offing.

When asked by Alan Colmes whether she'd vote for Barack Obama if he's the Democratic nominee, Coulter replied, “(McCain's) going to choose a vice presidential nominee. That will be the person I'll be voting for.”

Later, Colmes asked Coulter about the fact that Americans are far more in synch with Democrats over the issues than with Republicans. Colmes said, “When you simply talk about issues with Democrats, whether it's health care, education, the war, that's where – unfortunately, we're talking about all this ancillary stuff which is not relevant.”

The aging Coulter, who has had a years-long crush on the married Colmes, ran her hand slowly through her hair while he spoke. “I don't believe that but I do believe, ab initio, you start out with the Democrats ahead this year. Um. Because Bush has done such a magnificent job (she pronounced it 'jawb') preventing another attack since 9/11.” Coulter made a childish face that she obviously thought clever. “People have just forgotten about, about terrorism. They've forgotten about it's a threat. And this happens all the time.”

Schoen said, “That's probably true.”

“This is what Republicans do all the time,” Coulter continued. “There's a problem. Republicans solve the problem. We lose it as an issue. We did it with crime, we've done it with taxes. Now we've done it with terrorism.”

Nobody mentioned the war in Iraq, the economy, gasoline prices, the mortgage crisis, the deficit, health care or Afghanistan, to name a few.

Coulter continued, “And so after Republican rule for a while, that, the nation goes crazy and just think (she wagged her head childishly), 'Oh, let's try a Democrat again.' And so it looks like it should be the Democrat year but you got Hillary Clinton and I must say, it's getting very hard to support Hillary Clinton. Um, because she keeps sending out, you know, James Carville and Bill Clinton. I mean, if she could rid of Bill Clinton and the whole Clinton administration, that's a big problem for her.”

Next, the overly made-up Coulter, who eems to think that the more eyeliner she uses, the less anyone will notice the haggardness creeping into her face, went on to smear Obama and McCain. “I can't see any of them winning,” she said, seemingly certain of her middle-aged adorableness.

What's more sickening than watching Ann Coulter play cutesie? A Democrat who not only shows no concern with the ways she poisons our national discourse but actually allies himself with her. “We share a view on national defense,” Schoen said.