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All Wright, All The Time On Fox

Reported by Priscilla - April 29, 2008 -

What’s more important and scarier than the war in Iraq, the economy, the price of oil, home foreclosures, and American health care? For Fox News, it’s Barack Obama’s former pastor, the scary (and African American) Reverend Jeremiah Wright. In keeping with this meme, Brit Hume’s “Special Report” top story, last night (April 28th) was (surprise, surprise) the Reverend Jeremiah Wright!!!!! Not surprisingly, Fox’s favorite Wright quotes were played again so folks in the Fox heartland, in case they forgot, would know how scary this black preacher really is! And at the core of this anti Wright material is the association of Barack Obama with this man. Obama has distanced himself from some of the more controversial aspects of Wright’s teachings; but Fox is making darned sure that this fact is lost in the barrage of anti-Wright material.

Jim Angle covered Rev. Wright’s appearance, yesterday, at the National Press Club. Angle said that Wright’s remarks have “caused a furor” (Comment: aided and abetted by Fox News). His voice dripping with sarcasm, Angle said that despite the controversy, Wright received a standing ovation at the event. Angle then played (in case you forgot) “one of the most inflammatory remarks” that Wright made after 9-11 which was the “chickens coming home to roost” comment which of course is never played in context with the rest of the sermon. Angle claimed that Wright unleashed “partisan fire” when he replied, to a question about his patriotism, that he served six years in the Marines and then asked how many years Cheney served. (Comment: I thought republicans worshipped the military – even those, like Cheney, who had “other priorities.”) Angle did not play the rest of the comment when Wright said: "Those who call me unpatriotic have used their positions of privilege to avoid military service while sending over 4,000 American boys and girls to die over a lie." Angle then referenced Wright’s comment about the government having manufactured AIDS to kill blacks and played Wright’s comment, at the Press Club, that the government was “capable” of this. Angle did not mention that Wright made reference, during that answer, to Leonard Horowitz’s book “Emerging Viruses, AIDS and Ebola.” Angle also noted the anti-Semitic comments of Louis Farrakhan when he played Wright’s comment that when “Farrakhan speaks,… black American listens.” (Comment: Fox had no problem with conservatives who listen to the bizarre and hatefilled messages of preachers, from the religious right, who blamed 9-11 and the devastation of Katrina on gays.) Angle, in showing Wright saying that if Obama wins he (Wright) will be “coming after” Obama about policies that “grind people,” claimed that this is an attempt by Wright to influence policy. (Comment: how different is that from how the religious right currently influences Bush policy on stem cells, abstinence education, and faith based initiatives?)

Major Garrett then did a piece from the campaign trail where he showed Obama speaking before a crowd. Garrett unleashed his partisan fire when he claimed that Obama prefers town hall events “where inquiries about Wright take a back seat to soft balls like this.” (Comment: George Bush speaks only before vetted Republican audiences where it’s all softballs!) The “softball,” asked by an African American man, was what is Obama’s favorite piece of scripture – scripture that “keeps you going.” Garrett interjected that the answer was “not exactly rooted in scripture” and played Obama’s response that it was the “golden rule” which governs how he treats his brothers and sisters as they might treat him. (Comment: Garrett must have skipped the Sunday School lesson which taught about the “golden rule” as detailed in Matthew 7:12 “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets” and Luke 6:31 “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” (Comment: If this type of “Christian” question had been asked of McCain, Fox would have presented it as profound. Is Garrett dissing Christians as “softball’ throwers?!)

Garrett then played a clip of McCain being upset about some other out of context Wright quotes. Later, during the “Grapevine,” Hume said that Wright’s “chickens coming home to roost” quote was not from Ambassador Peck.

Comment: This is just the beginning of a long season of Fox tilting to the Wright! But as a great distraction and diversion from what’s really happening, for Fox, it’s the Wright stuff!!!