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Obama's Interview On FNS Ignored Today On FOX Election HQ

Reported by Deborah - April 28, 2008 -

Barack Obama's heavily promoted interview with Chris Wallace yesterday on FNS was not analyzed today on American Election HQ as one might expect. Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer, however, mentioned twice that Obama stated, during the interview, that the issues about Reverend Wright are legitimate. Perhaps they felt this gave them permission to spend most of the hour speculating about Barack Obama's demise as a viable candidate with references to Dukakis' Willy Horton and Kerry's Swift Boaters.

Sound bites from Wright's speech today at the National Press Club were played over and over throughout the show. Michael Steele got the first chance to draw blood and Megyn Kelly used her fav line with Steele claiming Wright promoted a '"we against them mentality" which she was sure Obama agreed with since he sat in the church. Steele declared Wright's appearances this weekend a "catastrophe" for Obama's campaign.

Dick Morris took his turn and was able to say a few things about Obama before he was compulsively diverted to Hillary hating. Morris noted that he was willing to give Wright and Obama some slack when the sound bites were originally circulating but this time it's a "disaster". He added the first Willy Horton reference of the show quipping that at least Willie Horton couldn't keep talking, like Wright, since he was on jail.

During Megyn Kelly's daily quality time with Brit Hume, she got to use her " us vs them" line again telling Hume that Wright got " cheeky" today with the press. Hume described Wright as "entertaining" and " pulsating with personality". He thought that Wright was entitled to his "moment in the spotlight"

Then Hume offered Kelly some wisdom and appeared to be defending Obama and Wright. He told Megyn if she and her new husband went to Wright for marriage guidance he would talk about the bible, not politics adding that there's no evidence that Obama agrees with Wright.
Then Hume ended with his zinger saying that white America listens to African American leaders to see if they're saying, "You whitey are to blame for our problems"

Tammy Bruce had it all figured out claiming, "Jeremiah Wright is vested in Barack Obama not doing well." She claimed that a defeat for Obama would be "a confirmation of what he preaches, USKKK of A". Then Bruce noted that Wright would be Obama's Willy Horton and Swift Boats.

comment: It seems Obama's successful interview with Wallace wasn't worth discussing on a show that's supposed to be America's Election Headquarters. However, they found time between Wright segments to show Bush conducting a military band and play a clip of McCain saying that health care was too expensive. They didn't show McCain saying he planned to do anything about the problem but that's how things work on FOX.