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Now WE Know Where Kilmede Stands For Sure & More Fox Morals

Reported by Donna - April 28, 2008 -

A very usual day on Fox and Friends. Bash the Democrats and behold McCain like a King. They also got into the morals question when they talked about Mylie Cyrus, (Hannah Montana on her tv show). She's supposed to be a teen icon (she's 15) and she showed her exposed back in a picture. Oh the shame! Kilmeade said she was probably changing clothes and didn't know the picture was being taken but it was said that her father saw the pictures and said she, "was beautiful." The usual tying sex into chrisitanity because Fox is always saying what a young and nice girl she is to look up to.

But a lot of the show focused on John McCain and Reverend Wright. Remember, John McCain good, Rev. Wright bad = Barack Obama bad.

They spoke briefly about a a soldier who was suiing the goverment for his right not to have a religion. They didn't get into it but Camerota kept asking, "why?" The soldier said he was harrassed and that's what he believed, that he didn't believe in religion.

They spoke with John Boehner (R-O) about Nancy Pelosi coming out with her high gas solution, the Common Sense Plan, but said it's been two weeks and she hasn't revealed it. Did they ask Nancy Pelosi or one of her associates about the plan? No, no fair and balanced here.
Boehner also said that the liberals won't open up for more drilling in the United States and wouldn't go for more Nuclear electricity. (Uh, maybe he should worry about protected land and watch the Chernobyl documentary)

They had Republican Governor, Charlie Crist (R-FL) talking to them about when Clyburn said that when Bill Clinton got the impeachment vote that it was the black vote that was bellying up to the bar, and of course, more Reverend Wright. They kept saying that Rev. Wright kept getting back in the spotlight but I say that Fox just likes to keep Rev. Wright in the spotlight. Crist went on about McCain being the one who could bring everyone together and lower the taxes and he would really make the country better by improving the economy. (Comment: Bush had 8 years to improve the economy and showed that he couldn't do it and how much does McCain knows about the econom?)

The banner read, 'Racial Politics,' 'Racial Politics Becoming Big Issue'

Another banner said 'Dem Battle Heating Up' 'Is It Doing The Party Damage?

But the big quote came from Brian Kilmeade, who said to Charlie Crist, "And if he doesn't win your state he's just wants you to get that done like Jeb did for George." (Comment: Now, who's side would you say Kilmeade is on? Sounds like a McCain man to me)

(Comment: The whole show was a basic mish mash of various issues, but it basically came away with bash the Democrats, praise John McCain for what he's going to do (as Doocy would say, 'sure') unless the soldier who doesn't believe in religion is a Democrat - they didn't say. But Kilmeade cheering on Crist to help McCain win Florida just like Jeb helped George was a real winner.