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Neil Cavuto and His Harem

Reported by Melanie - April 28, 2008 -

It has often occurred to me that Neil Cavuto surrounds himself with a preponderance of women. Female reporters and female guests. Take today (April 28, 2008) for example.

He opened his show with a report about gas prices. The reporter was Terry Keenan.

Here's Terry.


Next he went to Sean Broderick for a discussion about whether $10 a gallon gas is "in our future."

Here's Sean:


After Sean came Carolyn Shively about truckers staging a "noisy protest" on Capitol Hill over high gas prices. Here's Carolyn:


Molly Henneberg was next. She reported Rev. Jeremiah Wright "fires back at press, defends his patriotism."


Next came Liz Chatterdon and Princella Smith who talked Rev. Wright, Barack Obama and John McCain. Here they are:


Next came Adam Housley. Guess you need a guy to "do" Southern California wildfires. Here's Adam.


Domenica Davis, a Fox meteorologist who followed Housley to talk about the weather forecast for Southern California:


Next came Brenda Buttner to talk about the "stimulus checks."


Craig Smith and Pat Powell followed Buttner. They talked about whether the checks will "help jumpstart the economy."


Cheryl Casone followed with a report about merger talks between U.S. Airways and United.


Next came Flavia Colgan and Susan Estrich on Howard Dean wanting the Democratic race to end by June. Here they are:


Lightening up, the next three "business news" segments were about Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair article that seems to be sucking the energy out of just about everything else today . Jill Dobson was the reporter for the first segment:


Shira Lazar followed Dobson in a segment captioned, "Racy Cyrus Photos Could be Good Career Move?"


(Not the best screenshot. Apologies to Lazar.)

Andrew Napolitano followed. He discussed whether the Cyrus Vanity Fair spread could constitute "child abuse."


And finally, Fraser Seitel, an image consultant on how corporate sponsors are dealing with the controversy surrounding the Olympics:


Comment: So there you have an hour in the life of Your World. Lots of eye candy. Sit back. Watch "the girls." Maybe you won't be aware of the propaganda enshrouding your brain.