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Fox "Business News" - You Still Buyin' That? (3rd.Ed.)

Reported by Melanie - April 27, 2008 -

Welcome to my third weekly wrap, "Fox 'Business News' - You Still Buyin' That?"

If Fox persists in pretending that Your World w/Neil Cavuto is a business news show, fine. Two can play that little game.

This sticks in my craw because, well, look at Neil Cavuto's website. Cavuto is the "managing editor of business news" at Fox. Below are screen shots, both above and below "the fold," taken minutes ago.

Compare what's there to some of the business news headlines of the past week.

•• Monday, April 21:

Bank of America profits fall 77%

Emerging Market Oil Use Exceeds US for First Time

•• Tuesday, April 22

DuPont reports higher profit on agriculture sector

•• Thursday, April 24

Ford Posts $100 Million Profit, Defying Loss Forecast

Credit Suisse Posts $5.2 Billion Loss on Writedowns

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Fell 33,000 Last Week

New Home Sales Lowest Since l991

•• Sunday, April 27

Continental Calls Off Merger Talks With United

With that in mind, here's an "above the fold" shot of the website belonging to Fox's "premiere business news" guy:


And here's a "below the fold" shot. Notice the headlines in the "FOX MEANS BUSINESS" section:


Comment: Now look at what Mr. Premiere Fox Business News guy's website looked like last weekend. The difference is shocking (I say sarcastically). Come on Fox. Toss that "business news" label and come clean!