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Blood For Oil? Fred Barnes Says So!

Reported by Priscilla - April 27, 2008 -

In case you were wondering why we're in Iraq, I offer you Fred Barnes' comment, from the panel discussion on the April 23rd, "Special Report." The discussion was about the importance of Afghanistan. Barnes said that the notion that Afghanistan being more important than Iraq was "absurd' describing Afghanistan as a "backwater, where the Al Qaeda may be hold up in the mountains." Hume replied that "a lot are across the border in Pakistan" and Barnes said:

That's true too. And that backwater of geo-strategical importance, really, is more important than Iraq? This country right in the middle of the Middle East, a strategically important country with all this oil? If we lose, it we lose everything. Afghanistan won't even matter then at all.

Words fail me. What more can I tell you? Talk amongst yourselves.

*Tip O the Hat to Newshounds Chrish, who alerted me to this gem!

**I in turn have to tip the hat to gmailer Arthur S., who brought it to MY attention! ~~Chris