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Yes, We Still Get Hate Mail

Reported by Melanie - April 26, 2008 -

The other day it occurred to me that it's been a while since I put a hate mail post up. Time flies — I though it had been six or eight weeks — but lo and behold, I haven't done one since the end of December. Sheesh! I'm obviously havin' too much fun monitoring Fox "business news." Then again, the hate mailers have been relatively quiet (so far) this year. Maybe they're preoccupied with — meow — planning their Denver riot strategy? Anyway, here's what we've received since January 1st. Names and addresses have been omitted but otherwise the comments reproduced below are exact replicas.

I hesitated (April 26, 2008) to include the first one (immediately below) but, decide for yourself. Maybe it should be labeled something more like "lunatic fringe?"

•• January 2, 2008
Subject: your web site, please read!

Dear News Hounds,
I ask you to please read this letter in it's entirety. It is not very long, but after reading a few sentences I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to read much more. So I hope that you don't take offense, but rather take some comfort in knowing that I am sometimes guilty of doing just what I ask you next. Have you guys at your web site started believing your own deceptions and distortions of truth by now or do you still have some intellectual honesty to admit (to yourselves at least) that close to 100% of the news that you publish is not news at all, but merely the ranting and ravings of semi-anonymous authors and sources used for the stories you publish? Much of what you publish includes references to Fox News and other subsidies of News Corp. I find it hard to believe the stories from a news outlet that devotes an abundance of time and attention attempting to discredit another news outlet.
I tend to think of myself as fairly moderate. I watch and support Fox News Channel, I watch and support CNN, I'm anti-abortion, pro-choice for schools, I support tax cuts and incentives for businesses of all sizes, I oppose the death penalty, I support schooling in prisons and privileges for inmates who choose to participate in positive programs that help the communities, I support freedom of religion and the right to assemble in public for the purposes of religion, protest, communion and various communal activities, I believe marijuana should be decriminalized, I heavily support government-funded/private funded anti-drug initiatives and rehabilitation centers, I love the inter-net for revolutionizing countless facets of life and bringing so many together, I hate the inter-net for taking away whatever little feeling that was left of discovery and conquering the unexplored world, I support major gun control legislation, I also support the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and it's recognition of our God-Given rights to own firearms and protective weapons, I support George W. Bush and I support William J. Clinton because they are our Presidents and that's the only reason I need for that. In closing I ask you to please consider any positive message that you can take from my letter . I am a 28-year old educator who teaches in New Haven, CT, in one of the toughest neighborhoods of one of the toughest cities in our nation. I am pale skinned of mostly Irish and German descent. I was raised as a Roman Catholic and hold many of the church values dear to my heart. I find it hard to believe that the church of my faith at one time strongly discouraged the parishioners from reading the Bible, but instead demanded they rely on the interpretations the priests gave to them in Latin, a language most didn't really understand. That is a sad realization about the history of my faith; however, I was reminded of it tonight by your catchy little slogan on the web-site which reads, "We watch Fox so you don't have to." To me that really means, don't watch Fox News because you might learn something different; therefore, think for yourselves and realize that this web-site is in no way, shape or form fair and balanced. I am not perfect. I'm not always fair and balanced. Often times my balance is really off and I have a hard time standing up, but all kidding aside...I am not without faults; however, I try my best to be honest about the world around me and how fortunate I am, but it's not easy. It's much easier to focus on the negatives. I'm too short. I don't get many dates. I have an addictive personality which I think is a horrible disorder. These things weigh on me, but I still try to get everyday, be honest with myself, my family, my friends and my community. I hope that you aspire to do the same with your lives. May God bless you all and may we all be one with nature.

•• January 15, 2008
Subject: fox news


•• January 21, 2008
Subject: Fox News

I will WATCH Fox News to get around your lies.

•• January 25, 2008
Subject: disloyalty

We hasten to disagree. BOR did a bang-up job of exposing Joe Kennedy for what he is. Your support of Mr. Kennedy does the same for you. Congratulations! (By the by, I read NewsHounds to be sure I haven't missed anything good on Fox. It seems the louder you scream, the better the people at Fox are doing.)

•• January 29, 2008
Subject: News Hounds

I read some of the information you present on this website and find that as far of a slant you present the Fox News position is as far of a slant on the opposite side you present on the same issue. At least I watch all different programming from conservative Fox to liberal MSNBC but I do not need a retrospect of the issue from a third party. I can understand each position first hand and make my own decision an not be told from your point of view. I think that puts me ahead of the drinkers of Kool-Aid from both sides.

•• February 7, 2008
Subject: No subject

Newshounds: Do me a favor, and do not watch FOX for me, as your
interpretations are never what is reality. In fact, I would prefer it that
you didn't watch it at all, and let people make up their own minds on it.
But, perhaps you would prefer a society, where you could control everyone's
thinking, ala North Korea. Your liberal, biased, and unreal handling of the
truth is sickening, and not worthy of anything else but distortion.

PS: Do not bothering to email me back, as I do not want to hear your left
wind propaganda

•• February 8, 2008
Subject: Fox News

I can't believe there's a whole website dedicated to attacking Fox News. You people should be sentenced to live where I do, in Canada, where every TV station and every newspaper is as liberal as MSNBC and the New York Times (though without the quality of the latter). Fox News arrived here in Canada about two years ago and it was like a breath of fresh air. Is it biased? I'd say that it definitely doesn't dislike Bush and the Republicans as much as CNN or MSNBC, but I do think it brings balance to the political scene, with a definite leaning to the right. It must be doing something right, though, because the attacks on it from the left are unrelenting (there's even a website, I've just discovered).

•• February 22, 2008
Subject: your website is garbage

if your website were a country it would be malawi. its trash. second rate,hack articles and bastardized half truths. the hollywood gutter trash with which you hope to please i'm sure are satisfied. fuck you i hope someone punches each and every writer for your hack fuck website in the face.

•• March 10, 2008
Subject: News Hounds Media Digest 179


•• March 15, 2008
Subject: No subject

Was checking out your Communist website, very nice. Your mama know you are an ant-American idiot?

Trust me, like most Libs, you are never fair or balanced.

•• March 17, 2008
Subject: Where's your 'Fascist Left' statement?

What crappy website!

•• March 17, 2008
Subject: Your such a stupid shit

When it comes to Obama, your so fucking stupid it is pathetic. Typical left wing assholes.

•• March 19, 2008
Subject: garbage - your web site

(No message)

•• April 1, 2008
Subject: Ellen, you are an idiot

(No message.)

•• April 2, 2008
Subject: A little sick of Obama whores and their whining complaints

while in the meantime, you smear&lie as well as the GOP while your surrogates demand the end of primary voting and throwing out FL and MI voters.

•• April 3, 2008
Subject: No subject

Got navigated to your site some how, and would not consider reading on after the first few lines. Tell me, are there any groups, or people like you who are watching the other networks who are notorious for making junk news? I bet you think that cunt Hilary was under sniper fire too didn't ya?

•• April 9, 2008
Subject: I accidently stepped in you

Your Site is the worst liberal toiletry on the net.

Media watch dog sites should provide an open and
honest critique free of agenda bias.

How can you attack FOX and not focus your limited
vision on MSNBC,CNN ABC and CBS. or is it just
conservatives you don't like ???

You overlooked The News York Times!.... Define
honesty..Anybody who
agrees with your politics is given a pass!!

Close down, get your High School Diploma and return
when you become intellectually honest.(Tired
expression,but it fits you) IVY LEGUE YOUR NOT.

........And no I'm not a FOX news viewer, although I
sometime will
read FOX and CNN news online. So you'll need a new

I await your shallow witless (attempting to be
progressive} response.

You Suck and Your Dumb,

•• April 12, 2008
Subject: You and Fox News

It will be fun watching you Left Wingers go down in flames on Election Night! Can't wait to hear how the Liberal Media spins this loss! You're a pathetic bunch and in this campaign, Liberals will know once again what the phrase "agony of defeat" means! You're candidate (Obama) will be exposed as a Socialist/Elitist and once again, the Far Left will shoot itself in the head!

•• April 21, 2008
Subject: No subject

Is it really a "smear" when you inform people of true occurrences? Since when? Has anyone over there really ever watched FOX News?

Your site does not show signs of intelligent life. Sorry if that hurts! Try this for a change: Get Real!

Annoy a Liberal ..... Work, Succeed & Be Happy!


COMMENT: My fave? April 9. "You Suck and Your Dumb,"