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First Walter Reed, now Fort Bragg

Reported by Chrish - April 26, 2008 -

This will make you cry. Hopefully, with the North Carolina primary next in the spotlight we can dismiss flag label pins and other media-generated nonsense and put the focus on the deplorable conditions at the barracks at Fort Bragg.

VetVoice.org reports that

"The video was made by Edward Frawley, the father of a sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division who returned from Afghanistan on April 13 and is among the soldiers now living in the barracks.

"This is unbelievable," Frawley says in the video. "It's disgusting. It makes me mad as hell. If these buildings were in any city in America and were called apartments, dormitories, they would be condemned."

After you watch the video, please use the resources supplied (and add more in comments) and demand our government do something about this situation immediately. There is simply no viable excuse for this.

Rep. Bob Etheridge, D-N.C. (Representative for District containing Fort Bragg)

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