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Hannity & Colmes Takes Time Out From Smearing Obama To Venerate John McCain

Reported by Ellen - April 25, 2008 -

Hannity & Colmes took time out from their very busy Obama-smearing schedule for a half-hour interview with Fred Thompson. Though billed as a discussion about what Thompson is doing now that he has dropped out of the presidential race (apparently, he's looking for a job in the private sector), most of the talk was devoted to praising John McCain.

Bullyboy Sean Hannity who, earlier in the show, had sneered at Bill Moyers for being too soft on Reverend Wright during a clip of their upcoming interview, almost drooled over Thompson. Just to make sure that no embarrassing questions were asked about, say, McCain's relationship with Pastor John Hagee, Alan Colmes was shut out of the interview. And on the odd chance the viewers didn't get the not-so-subliminable message, the lower third of the screen read immediately after Thompson said so, "Thompson: McCain is who he is, he speaks from his heart."

The video of Thompson's interview will almost surely be on hannityandcolmes.com in the morning.

Hard hitting? Not!