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Fox's Suggestion for Reducing Gas Prices? Pray. Literally.

Reported by Melanie - April 25, 2008 -

Terry Keenan substituted for Neil Cavuto on Fox's "premiere business news" show today (April 25, 2008). The lead story was about the man who was killed by a shark off the coast of San Diego this morning. Next came a report about the Navy firing "warning shots at two unidentified boats" off the coast of Iran (what are we doing shooting at "unidentified boats!"), and how that incident sent oil prices "soaring." Next came a short blurb about the rising price of gasoline.

In what almost seemed like black humor, that barrage of bad news was followed by a segment suggesting how we can deal with it. Forget conservation. Forget not firing on "unidentified boats," for God's sake. Forget increasing the CAFE standards (hasn't been done in more than 30 years). No. We can pray. Yes, pray. I kid you not.

The first segment on this "business news" program featured Rocky Twyman, the organizer of "Pray at the Pump." Twyman, far as I could tell, is from Washington, D.C. He organized "Pray at the Pump" (Fox showed video of people standing around a gas pump, holding hands and praying) because some of the volunteers at a local soup kitchen couldn't make it to work because they couldn't afford to put gas in their cars.

Twyman appeared from San Francisco. He said there will be a "big, city-wide prayer vigil" in that area this weekend. Twyman said the response has been "tremendous," thanks in large part to Fox News. He said he was done many interviews, "with radio stations all over the country and of course, Fox in Washington, D.C. has been tremendous. The story they did just propelled us into the national limelight because here we sit today, talking to you."

Comment: On a day when George Bush's gun was apparently burning a hole in his pocket and volunteers at soup kitchens (fuller than ever given the "credit crisis" and the rising cost of food) can't afford to volunteer because they can't afford to get there - so many sad things going on - Fox News wraps it all up with a segment about p-r-a-y-i-n-g for lower gas prices? Thanks to Fox, we now know that the solution is ah, so simple!