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Fair Minded O'Reilly Helps Melanie Morgan Trash Obama

Reported by Deborah - April 25, 2008 -

Although Bill O'Reilly claims he wants to be fair to Barack Obama, tonight, 4/24/08, he did a segment promoting the non story about Obama's connection to Bill Ayers. This time BOR found a quote from a political speech that Ayres made in 2007 to show that the University of Chicago professor is still a dangerous radical and gave Melanie Morgan a forum for her seething hatred for Obama.

In the 2007 speech, Ayers made a reference to the growing fascism in this country. O'Reilly claimed that if this were a fascist country, Ayers would be in prison since he's a "convicted criminal." However, either O'Reilly is misinformed or he decided to sculpt the truth to make his point. William Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohm, were never convicted of any crime. All charges against them were dropped in 1981.

After making his case against Ayers, he admitted that he couldn't find much of a connection between Ayers and Obama. Melanie Morgan, of course, jumped in with all the stuff dating back to 1995 that the right has been harping on claiming that the relationship went beyond the one meeting at Ayers' home. It was obvious that she couldn't find much of a connection either but wouldn't admit it.

O'Reilly told Morgan that he wanted to be fair to Obama so he offered one of his theories. Claiming that there is a "radical left wing chic" in Chicago and this group took Obama under their wing when he was getting started. BOR also thought this " radical chic" group urged him to join his church.

Morgan called Ayers and his wife, Bonnie and Clyde and then really made a vile comment. "While John McCain was being tortured, Bill Ayers and his wife were..."

comment: If O'Reilly really wanted to be fair to Obama, he wouldn't have done this segment. However, he just wants to look fair so Obama might decide to appear on his show. If Obama opts out of a Factor appearance, O'Reilly wants to be able to go after him while whining that he was fair to him and just can't understand why he wouldn't appear.