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Bill O'Reilly no match when the Doctors are in the house

Reported by Chrish - April 25, 2008 -

O'Reilly was at it again last night 4/24/08, spinning and building the case against Barack Obama. HIs Talking Points Memo reiterated several false premises, detailed below, but he was handily outpowered by Drs. Marc Lamont Hill and Michael Eric Dyson in the follow-up Top Story segment.
With video.

O'Reilly claimed he heard radio host Joe Madison, "The Black Eagle," say O'Reilly had been unfair to Barack Obama, "apparently for reporting the Reverend Wright stuff." (No, for relentlessly hammering a non-issue and ignoring Obama's refutation of some of Wright's messages.) He concluded that in the eyes of some, if you report anything negative about Obama, you're a racist. (Again, no.) 97% of black men in PA voted for Obama - is that racist?

There's no question in his mind that race is becoming a central issue in the presidential race, and he expects it to continue (snicker).

O'Reilly played the NCGOP ad opposing two Democratic gubernatorial candidates who support Obama who in turn was a congregant of Wright, and Obama's reaction to McCain's claim that he can't do anything about it. As MediaMatters has noted, this ad was run at least 22 times on cable news, as news, along with McCain's denunciation of same, a win-win for him. O'Reilly reitrated that race wiill be central in this election, and it won't be pretty.

HIs guests, the Drs. Hill and Dyson, neatly debunked O'Reilly's talking points (when he let them finish their sentences.)

O'Reilly cut off Dyson when he was making the point that if McCain can't get the NCGOP to pull the ad, what does that say about his ability to urge Americans towards unity? When Hill refered back to that message, O'Reilly cut him off too before he verbalized it, saying "yeah, but so what?"

Hill was able to make the point that he's not convinced McCain really wants the ad pulled - McCain gets to stay above the fray while Obama gets dragged through the mud. If the ad is ultimately pulled it will be replayed endlessly on the Internet and on FOX News for two weeks.
"It's a quintessentially Republican strategy, to throw rocks and hide their hands." Gotta love Dr. Hill.

O'Reilly's brilliant comeback was that Democrats do it too. Hill didn't deny it and cited Bill Clinton's racialized remark in South Carolina comparing Obama and Jesse Jackson, yet O'Reilly continued to defend that it can't be applied to John McCain specifically - it's not fair to do that. (Why not?)

O'Reilly turned the conversation to the 97% black vote for Obama and asked if that wasn't a racial vote? Dyson said of course there's a racial component because they're talking about black voters and a black candidate, but that doesn't make it racist. Black voters would perhaps not vote for Clarence Thomas or Condaleezza Rice, for example. Race does not determine their votes; in this case African Americans support a man whom they feel represents their interests. O'Reilly got the last word on the subject - "monolithic" - and moved on, despite Dyson's attempt to prove him wrong. No time for debate! Gotta get to some culture crap.

O'Reilly mentioned Jeremiah Wright's upcoming "kissy face" "pretty funny" interview with Bill Moyers (on PBS tonight, 9PM EDT) (dismissing and ridiculing it before it even airs - don't watch! It's silly!) and said of course he's going to "report" on this Monday night. Wright isn't doing Obama any favors, going around bringing attention back to himself, is he?

Hill replied that more than reporting is being done and said that 11 of 14 Talking Points Memos were on Wright even after it was no longer newsworthy - there'll be aFOX News report that the Lakers won, and video of Jeremiah Wright will be playing underneath it! This has become a spectacle that is undermining Obama's campaign more than Reverend Wright himself.

O'Reilly of course disagreed. He makes the editorial decisions at the Factor and he claims that Obama needs to be "known," and Wright is explosive.

Question for BillO: Doesn't Barack Obama know any non-controversial, non-inflammatory, upstanding, ethical, moral, people you could highlight? (Not to say that Wright is not upstanding, ethical, or moral.) If Obama is to be known solely by the company he keeps, lets see his close friends and associates - let's see the numerous quietly good guys in his life. If you're not looking for them, of course you won't find them. Character assassin.

Dyson, given the last word, said Jeremiah Wright has picked up where Dr. Martin Luther King left off at the time of his murder, and speaks to black people in a way he doesn't speak to mainstream America, as did King. "We need Obama to talk about where we need to go, Jeremiah Wright, what we have to overcome to get there." Amen, said Hill.

O'Reilly, who apparently can't process that, ended the segment repeating that Obama needs to explain further or he will lose a lot of white votes.

O'Reilly will continue repeating that meme until Novemeber (should Obama get the nomination) because he fears the breakdown of "the white christian male power structure". As he's proven, no amount of refutation or denunciation will be able to "explain" for him and his followers. What he essentially is demanding is for Obama to turn back time and leave the church ten years ago, as that is the only action that will prove to O'Reilly and his ilk that Obama does not share Wright's every feeling and view.

And O'Reilly wonders why he's perceived as being unfair to Obama???? Puh-leeeeze.

Hill and Dyson did a fabulous job delivering some sanity into the spin zone.