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Shepard Smith Takes Over For Neil Cavuto As Fox's Business News Anchor

Reported by Melanie - April 24, 2008 -

Surely Fox will be making an announcement any day now: Shepard Smith promoted, becomes Fox "business news" anchor; Neil Cavuto demoted to aging, has-been talking, spinning head. (Just kidding. Sort of.)

Time and time again, Smith says more (I use that word loosely) about what happened on Wall Street than Mr. Fox Business News, Neil Cavuto. Today (April 24, 2008) was a perfect example.

In the final minute of Studio B, Smith signed off with,

We're watching the big board down on Wall Street in New York City where the Dow's havin' a pretty good day. Take a look [shot of the "big board"]. Neil Cavuto will have coverage. It was up triple digits just moments ago and could finish there. A few seconds until the final bell tolls. ... Here comes Neil!

Fast forward to Neil's "coverage." Here it is, all 1½ seconds — yes, that would be 1½ seconds — of it:

(As an added bonus, you get to see Cavuto blowing off the food crisis - rice in particular (he thinks we're being hysterical) — continuing his theme from yesterday, when he told everyone to sit down and shut up about it already. But don't blink! You'll miss the "business news" at the end.)

(Having trouble accessing the video? Try this.)

Comment: As the economy, both in the US and worldwide, worsens, the "business news" on Fox's "premiere business news" show shrinks. As you can see, if it shrinks much more...