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From right-wing bloggers to Steve Doocy's mouth, FOX throws more dirt at Obama

Reported by Chrish - April 24, 2008 -

In the opening headlines on FOX and Friends First this morning 4/24/08 Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy took turns giving short snippets about random items in national news. One of those items was used to improperly link Barack Obama and a woman suspected of making false reports, one of which led to the Texas polygamist compound raid.

Rozita Swinton of Colorado has been named a "person of interest" in the FLDS raid, allegedly the person who made the phone calls posing as a 16-year-old mother that prompted the raid. Swinton has previously been linked to other false reports of sexual abuse of minors.

Right-wing blogs are reporting spreading the rumor that Swinton is a pledged Obama delegate, and Steve Doocy repeated the rumor at the end of the piece. Of course the problem is the blogs got it wrong, twisting the reporting of the Denver Post: although Swinton is "listed on the El Paso County Democratic Party's website as her neighborhood precinct's delegate to the state Democratic convention in May, supporting Sen. Barack Obama," she has not been chosen by her state's party to be a pledged delegate at the National convention. Doocy took the rumor right off of Free Republic, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, and similar "notable" sources.

Real journalism? We report, you decide.

Bill O'Reilly regularly propagandizes that Media Matters, which provides transcripts and audio/video files in their documentation of conservative misinformation pervasive in the mainstream media, are "smear merchants" peddling lies, and he accuses that "NBC" (Keith Olbermann) channels their "vile garbage" without question. Truth is, NBC and sister company MSNBC are frequent targets of Media Matters. O'Reilly just gets angry when he gets caught and highlighted, taking his resentment out on the entire parent company. Will Mr. Independent chastise his colleagues and FOX News for spreading a damaging rumor from non-reputable sources? Heck no; he'd further it if it hadn't already been nipped in the bud.

Thanks to gmailer Sheldon for the heads-up.