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FOX Attacks Moyers/Wright Interview Before It Airs

Reported by Deborah - April 24, 2008 -

FOX Election HQ opened today with what they claimed was an exclusive peek at the Bill Moyers interview of Rev. Jeremiah Wright scheduled to air tomorrow night. Megyn Kelly and Laura Ingraham opened the hour expressing their outrage at some of Wright's comments made during the interview which they tried to spin to make Wright and Obama look bad.

Megyn Kelly, sounding angry and disgusted, complained that Jeremiah Wright " refused to apologize" and was shocked that he " blamed the media" accusing them of being unfair adding that Wright went "into a friendly forum" as if that was unthinkable.

Wright told Moyers that now he's " a target for hatred" which he finds " new and unsettling". Ingraham, who has been talking a lot about prayer and forgiveness lately, didn't show that side of herself today. She scowled that " Reverend Wright got caught" and he doesn't like that America knows him now. She proclaimed that Americans love their country for the "way it is now" and not how it could be.

When asked about Obama's speech in Philadelphia, Wright said, " He's a politician. I'm a pastor."Kelly decided that Rev. Wright was saying "he doesn't buy the race speech". Of course Ingraham agreed with her stressing that Obama knew about Wright's views all the time.

Then Kelly sounded amazed that Wright was also speaking to the National Press Club on Monday. Ingraham called it " operation reputation rescue" and then noted " he's only hurting his friend"

At 5:27 Kelly announced that new comments were just in about the interview acting like FOX was being fed exclusives bit by bit. When Douglas Kennedy gave his report it was the same comments Kelly and Ingraham had already discussed. However this time Kennedy added a bit of nasty commentary to the mix claiming that because of Wright, Obama represented " the traditional black vs white stereotype".

Brit Hume did his daily pop-in today adding some racially charged venom to the brew opining that originally Obama was " soothing" and people responded to his "soaring"speech. " It's not that he's black" Hume observed. " It may be that he's a certain kind of black."