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Another John McCain Commercial On Fox

Reported by Donna - April 24, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had another John McCain commercial. They had a three part John McCain commercial this week on Fox and Friends and they just keep turning up the heat.

Since so many people are saying that having McCain as president is a continuation of the Bush Administration, Smith said that McCain is trying to distance himself from Bush.

The interview lasted around 15 minutes and it was a powder puff one. Smith asked what grade McCain would give Bush for Katrina. McCain said he would give him almost an 'F.' He said that he got his information from the people on the ground and that's where he came up with the grade. He said that though there had been some progress in the past year, they still had a long way to go especially with housing and healthcare. He blamed the little Federal money coming in on the money being spent on pork barrel projects, wasteful spending and how we treated the wetlands. (Comment: How many times has he talked about wetlands before?)

McCain said he was proud of his record and proud that he got the MLK holiday into his state. He didn't say that Phoenix was the last state to incorporate the MLK holiday, nor did Smith follow up on this.

They talked briefly about Reverand Wright and negative ads. McCain said that he didn't believe in negative ads and neither side should use them. He added that they may make the numbers come up for a little while but not for long. (Comment: Did he forget about his copy cat 3 a.m. ad he stole from the Clinton campaign, or is he worried about all the money that the Democrats have to spend?) He also said that both sides shouldn't use 527's, but that is highly unlikely.

Smith asked him about the summer gas holiday he is proposing and McCain said that the people that make the least amount of money travel the furthest to work, "let's give them a holiday this summer."

Smith asked McCain what he would do about the high gas prices. McCain said that OPEC was taking advantage, but dealing with them has done little in the past. He said we need more nuclear power, wind, solar and ethanol from Brazil. (Comment: Like Smith said, he's trying to distance himself from Bush and talking about alternative fuels, Bush has also talked about them lately, but he's a lame duck president who did nothing about it while in office)

They talked about North Korea helping Syria build nuclear power and this was destroyed by Israel 7 months ago and why did it take so long for us to find out about it. McCain said it was Israel that did it and he certainly hoped that the leaders in Congress had been informed about it when it happened.

They ended the interview with McCain saying we had to be more transparent in dealing with North Korea, further distancing himself from Bush.

Comment: This was one big commercial for McCain. Notice that no scandals or hard questions were asked. Smith did offer interviews for Hillary and Barack, but would they get the same powder puff questions asked like they did for McCain? We'll see, if they accept the interviews.

Right after this Smith spoke with Carl Cameron and they talked about McCain distancing himself from Bush and Smith said he had to watch himself, there were still a lot of people out there who admired President Bush. I wish he would have brought up his popularity numbers.