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O'Reilly pre-spinning Wright interview on PBS' Moyers' Journal

Reported by Chrish - April 23, 2008 -

In a segment with Karl Rove on the O'Reilly Factor tonight 4/23/08, host Bill O'Reilly acknowledged the upcoming interview of Jeremiah Wright and said of course he'll be covering it Monday night. He laughed as he blamed Wright for continuing to put himself in the spotlight (last time o'Reilly accused him of that, the former pastor was speaking at a private funeral, closed to the press, for a long-time church-member.)

It appears O'Reilly can already write Monday's segment, more of the same bashing and smears-by-association. He shrugged and laughed ruefully and wondered why Wright doesn't get it, his continued appearances not doing Barack Obama any favors, and predicted Bill Moyers will "kiss up."

Maybe, just maybe, Wright is going to a real journalist to get a fair shake and an opportunity to rehab his badly tarnished reputation. FOX has been working overtime to slander him and paint him as a dangerous, anti-American black separatist nutcase with tremendous influence over Barack Obama. The sanity we're sure to see on Bill Moyers' Journal will be spun beyond recognition come Monday.