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Fox and Friends Overjoyed About Hillary Win In PA

Reported by Donna - April 23, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they were delighted that Hillary won by 10 points in the Pennsylvania Primary yesterday. Between the Fox crew and their guests you would have thought they were celebrating.

Doocy started off by saying Barack had "to kill her off", he said, "you know I mean that figuratively." Then they brought in Karl Rove (Comment: Calling him the 'numbers' man) Rove went on about 'bittergate' and Reverand Wright and how they hurt Barack. Rove said that Barack also had a problem with blue collar workers.

Doocy and Rove went into Rush Limbaugh's Chaos plan and if it did help. (Comment: Notice they use the word 'help' like it 'helps' their side) Rove said he thought Rush's plan helped a little bit. Rove even got giddy about Hillary winning in Bob Casey's district 76% to 24%.

Rove went on to say that Hillary would be winning the popular vote if you counted Michigan and Florida (Comment: This was repeated again later in the show) Now it sounds like Fox wants Michigan and Florida included.

They even did a bit on Stephen Colbert saying Obama copied everything that Hillary did. (Comment: Granted, this was funny and I won't hold this against them, but it was person after person that they used to say how well Hillary did over Obama and how well this would be for John McCain)

They even had Hillary Clinton on and egged her on about Obama saying he wouldn't be doing any more debates. Of course Hillary said she'd love to do more debates.

They also spoke about ABC giving Obama tons of hard questions but said the major media didn't say anything when Hillary was getting the tough questions in the other debates.

They had Mitt Romney on who said that McCain was trying to change people's lives while the Democrats were still battling it out. (Comment: Who does McCain have to battle it out with?)

They said that 62% of gun owners voted for Hillary and people who went to church once a week gave Hillary 61% of the vote. The only religious demographic that Barack Obama won was for people who never attended church. (Comment: Another dig on Barack Obama)

They brought on Arlen Spector who said McCain was doing well and he thought McCain could win Pennsylvania.

Comment: As you can see, a slew of Republican guests were brought on to put down Obama and cheer on Hillary because they all believe that McCain could beat Hillary over Obama.

Fox, unfair and unbalanced. They brought on Hillary because she was happy about her win and bought into the debates because she thought they would be to her advantage. There was a serious lack of Democrats on the show.