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Surprise, Surprise! Fox Says John McCain "Won" the WWE "Smackdown"

Reported by Melanie - April 22, 2008 -

John - Sex Potion - Layfield, a former World Wrestling Entertainment "champion" and a regular guest on Your World w/Neil Cavuto, was on this afternoon (April 22, 2008) to critique the presidential candidates' appearance last night on WWE's "Monday Night Raw." The "best trash talkers," talkin' "smack," according to some of the chyrons.

This is Fox News, of course, so the "winner" was preordained — you guessed it! — it was John McCain!! He's "the best trash talker." (Hehe.)

According to Layfield, (a former WWE wrestler and the inventor of a "sexual endurance drink" for men (see link above)) who was in the crowd, people "want to like Barack Obama," but "he read off a prompter" and apparently that didn't go over so well. He also "has a propensity to be an elitist." Golly gee. What a coincidence Layfield would use that particular word to describe Obama — the same word — elitist —every right wing pundit in the country has been using for at least a week now. What are the chances of that happening (I say sarcastically)?

He said Hillary got the silver metal (Obama apparently won the bronze), because "she smiled, she was affable; was engaging. She acted like she wanted to be there." He added, "Hillary is a long-time wrestling fan."

As for McCain, he "tore the place down." People "just fell all over him." "Likability is huge" and "John McCain came across as a guy you want to sit down and have a beer with."

At the end, Cavuto asked Layfield, "Is he your candidate, by the way?" and Layfield said "Absolutely."

Comment: Again, imagine my utter surprise that the winner was John McCain! I mean, when Cavuto announced that Layfield would be on to give his verdict I was sitting on the edge of my seat! I thought, hey, the winner of this monumental event might determine who I'd vote for. I wanted to know, who is the best trash talker! The future of our country, and the world, depends on it. Would it be Hillary? Obama? McCain? I had no idea. Then, ah yes, then I remembered I was watching Fox News and hey, I knew who'd win. Drum roll please - the Republican! Yes, Fox awarded it's candidate the "best trash talker" award. Woohoo!

Oh, and isn't it time to raise our standards when it comes to electing a president? The last time we elected one because he was "likable" and the kind of guy "you wanted to drink a beer with," he trashed two or three countries.

Here's a screen shot. I thought it might come in handy in the fall.


P.S. See the link above about that sex potion. Cavuto says, "I keep hitting him up for some."