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More of the same on O'Reilly - bash Obama while claiming to be fair

Reported by Chrish - April 22, 2008 -

In his Talking Points Memo tonight 4/20/08, again about Barack Obama and former pastor Jeremiah Wright, Bill O'Reilly took a swipe at New York Times columnist David Carr, who he called "a former crack addict." O'Reilly singled Carr out of hundreds critical of the moderating of the Democratic debate last Wednesday on ABC. Also on his hit list: Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, who contends that people in Chicago are OK with Bill Ayers (the former Weather Undergound anarchist). Sweet, you'll recall, wrote a straightforward article that broke the story of BillO's excellent adventure with Barack in New Hampshire.

Amend 4/22 12:30pm: Thanks to reader Stefan Becket for the link to the article by Carr that brought down the Wrath O'Reilly, wherein he dared to ever-so-briefly mention the Loofah incident. Any mention, no matter how small or obscure, brings swift smears of condemnation on national teevee, as we've seen recently with Eric Deggans.

O'Reilly, who should be charged with animal cruelty for beating this dead horse to a mushy, bloody pulp, first said of course Obama should not be presumed to think the same as Ayers and Wright, but then said it's fair to ask him about them. O'Reilly has labeled Wright anti-American, so feels justified in pursuing this "investigation." (smear campaign)

O'Reilly is pushing that voters have heard Obama and Clinton debate about the important issues twenty times already, ("and half of it's bull!") and if they don't know where they stand by now they're hopeless. But, on these character assassination issues, apparently twelve TPMs (and counting) is not too much.

Later in a segment with Juan Williams and Kinky Friedman O'Reilly implied that if Obama wants the Wright issue to go away, all he has to do is come to Papa and presumably O'Reilly will take care of it.

"I have a way, Juan, and I'm not gonna say it tonight, if Barack Obama wants he can call me, that he can get rid of both of these things, uuhhmm, off his plate."

Sounds like blackmail to me, coming from the guy who said just last Thursday "Believe me, we're gonna hear about that until November."

The three nodded in agreement that Obama's most ardent supporters would ignore anything, even Hugo Chavez bunking with him, and chastise the people who bring these association issues up and want to discuss it (ad nauseaum). This reeks of hypocrisy, as Bill O'Reilly has stated emphatically that he will not discuss racial issues anymore because it's dangerous, and accuses civil rights leaders and black preachers of race-baiting if they talk about the issue! This allows O'Reilly to frame the debate his way, avoiding charges of racism while he terrorizes squishy white voters/viewers with hints at Obama's ulterior motives.

During both the TPM and the Top Story (with Friedman and Williams) O'Reilly went on tangents about the candidates not being able to do anything about oil/gas prices. He said that the complaints about the ABC debate not being about the issues was a dishonest dodge, because the most important issue facing the USA is high oil prices, and none of the candidates can do a thing about them. They say they can, but that's complete bull. (Note that Two weeks ago, April 8th, he said the most important issue is Iran.) "When you hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices, it is BS!"

"By the time (I) get through with this election, everybody is going to know that none of the candidates are going to be able to do this."

Funny, Obama and Clinton don't seem to have made any such promises:

CNN has already quoted Obama:

" Clinton wants oil companies to contribute to a $50 billion fund to invest in alternative energy and for car manufacturers to increase fuel efficiency standards and for the government to tap into its emergency oil reserves.

Obama proposes a $150 billion investment over 10 years in clean energy and an 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions over 40 years.

Energy industry experts say the candidates' plans offer little to provide immediate relief, which Obama acknowledged.

"I would be dishonest if I said we've got a lot of short-term answers to bringing down gas prices. I don't think we do," he said."

But, O'Reilly told his guests in his second rant (he is soooo mad about this) (like clockwork) that John McCain actually has an idea that could work: suspend the federal gas tax and that'll bring prices down. But, the three agree, the oil companies will fill that vacuum and we won't see relief at the pump.

O'Reilly wants everyone to cut back 10% of their gas use, and that'll bring the prices down. Asked by Williams what about the folks who have to go to work, he repeated the 10% solution, leaving one to wonder about all those people walking the last 2 miles to work.


Swipes at two journalists with whom he disagrees, either maliciously slandering one or exposing irrelevant information about his private past. (I've never once heard him call Bush a former drunk and coke-head and the little mention we've heard of Bush's party days is usually couched in congratulatory tones for his overcoming addiction.)

Gets lathered up, twice, at high gas prices and promises to brainwash viewers into believing nothing can be done about it on a federal level - suck it up and stay home every tenth day.

He can bleat about Wright from here to November, unless Barack wants to give him a call to find out how to stop the madness.