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John McCain Looks Perfectly Presidential On FOX Election HQ

Reported by Deborah - April 21, 2008 -

Moments of John McCain bliss punctuated the carefully crafted segments of Democratic chaos and dysfunction today, 4/21/08, on American Election HQ. Of course there is so little time to spare since the daily message warning of the great dark Democratic abyss must be repeated over and over making those short perfectly presidential moments with McCain seem like a calming oasis.

Brit Hume told Megyn Kelly that what Hillary "needs is for something more to happen to Obama."
Kelly responded, " She needs the political media."

It was time for a McCain break. John McCain was shown talking to the poor African American folks in Selma, Alabama. He told them that although he won't be getting their votes, he intends to be a President for " all the people"

Rick Santorum appeared and did a number on Obama. First it was the Ayres connection. According to Santorum, Ayres hates America and Obama worked with him and let him kick off his campaign. Santorum went on and on about why the good people of Pennsylvania will reject him blah and blah.

Just when viewers were dripping with putrid muck, Cindy McCain was offered as a perfect air freshener. Mrs. McCain co- hosted on The View today and a clip was shown of her denying her husband's bad temper. She insisted he is "concerned about America" and "passionate about the future" Kelly and Hemmer chuckled indulgently after the clip teasing that McCain probably does have a temper but Kelly argued that everyone has one. Hemmer commented that Mrs. McCain looked " comfortable" in the co host chair. Kelly gushed that she looked " extremely beautiful" and " she's a lovely lady."

Just to make the McCain moment just a little bit longer, they went right to another report about his campaign tour. This time they showed a clip of a smiling John McCain walking arm and arm with two elderly African American women. A perfectly presidential moment on Fox's Republican Campaign HQ.